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The First Wedding Dress Fitting: Guarantee Your Experience is Flawless

That first wedding dress fitting is always exciting, you get to see your dress again! Find out how to make sure your experience is as successful, as it is thrilling.

Unlike any other dress you've bought, your wedding dress will not come ready to wear. In-between selecting your dress, and walking down the aisle, there's a whole process that needs to happen to ensure you get the perfect fit. In fact, you'll need roughly 1-3 appointments before it'll be ready. That first wedding dress fitting is a very exciting time, and normally, it's only the second time you've seen your chosen gown. So it can be quite a nervy affair!

Most brides know about the first wedding dress fitting, and the whole alterations process. And are actually eager to set up their first appointment with a seamstress. But while it does take several weeks to get the dress just right, it’s important to time the appointments carefully—especially if you expect to change sizes in the final weeks before the wedding. Schedule your first fitting too soon, and your dress may not fit the way you want it to on your wedding day. But, leave it too long, and you may have to compromise on some of the more major alterations.

First Wedding Dress Fitting

Here’s everything you need to know about having a successful first wedding dress fitting, alterations process, and styling plan. Keep scrolling!

That First Wedding Dress Fitting

Preparation & Calm

If you're already planning your wedding, you'll know that there are numerous moving parts involved. And to get it right, you'll need to time everything perfectly. Your first wedding dress fitting, and the alterations process, is no different.

Wedding dress delivery typically takes 3-5 months, so you need to order in time so that you can have your first wedding gown fitting at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Due to this length of time, it's important to remain patient, while also keeping your diary open for bridal fittings. Countless brides (and grooms) attempt to use this time to drop a size, or two. If you honestly believe that you can do that, and be consistent, then go for it. But if you have doubts, be honest and realistic with yourself, and your stylist. It's always easier to take a dress in, than it is to find extra inches.

Style Yourself as if it was the Big Day

You don't need to go full hair and makeup, but preparing yourself in a similar way to how it will look on the big day, will help your first wedding dress fitting. You'll feel more confident, look closer to how you envisaged, and you'll find it easier to style accessories.

If you already have key bridal accessories such as hairpieces, statement jewellery, or veils, bring them along to your fitting. The most important item, however, is your bridal shoes. Try to purchase the shoes you'll wear on your big day before the first wedding dress fitting. That way your gown can be altered to match the height of your heels. Try to find a shoe height and length combination that allows your hemline to lightly graze the ground. Too short, and it will cheapen the look of the wedding gown; too long, and you’ll be tripping over it all night.

First Wedding Dress Fitting bride in mirror

The Power of the Perfectly Fitted Bra

It's remarkable the number of women who have never had a professional bra fitting. And yet, it is also very understandable. For many, the thought of having that kind of experience is a daunting one. However, it is often not as nightmarish as you'd fear, and the results they achieve are wonderful. Not only is wearing the correct bra size more aesthetically pleasing, it is also, more importantly, better for your health. It can improve your posture, circulation and back pain now, and in the future. While also reducing sagging further down the line.

It's wise to have a bra fitting, and choose your wedding underwear before your first dress fitting, along with any other undergarments. Shapewear, slips and petticoats can all affect the fit of the dress. So they need to be factored in by your seamstress. Bring everything along to begin with, and there can be no surprises.

Bring a Guest, One You Trust

Your first wedding dress fitting is not a good time to bring your whole wedding party. Instead, choose your Mum, close friend or relative as your guest. Someone who will be supportive and constructive, while also taking lots of pictures!

Remember, when you slip into your dress for the first time, it may not be exactly the same as when you tried the original sample on. The previous gown could have been a different size, colour, or variation. So be sure to take a moment to adjust to the actual real-life gown you’ll be wearing down the aisle. And see how it looks in the pictures from your guest.

bride buttons on wedding dress

Your Beautiful Silhouette

As you journey along the wedding dress fitting process, from the first appointment to the last, your gown will morph to suit you. It will change to reflect the contours of your body, and the requests you have asked for via the seamstress. When it comes to creating a flattering and personalized fit, your bridal stylist and alterations specialists are your BFFs. Trust them to give you the care and expertise you need. Discuss with them how sensual, unique, or classic you want your wedding dress to look after fittings and alterations. This will help you and your seamstress determine what is both practical and possible for your budget and timeline.

While you're contemplating the fit of your dress, you must consider how you'll be moving around on the big day. Walk around the room, bend down, hug someone, sit on a chair. All these movements and more need to be considered to make sure your heel height is correct, and the gown is movable in.

Don't Panic

It’s totally normal to feel anxious about your planning decisions as the big day gets closer. If your first wedding dress fitting leaves you stuck on your choice of bridal gown, take a moment to breathe and reassess. Many brides don't stop browsing wedding dresses even after they've found 'the one'. This practice never offers a positive experience and only serves to overwhelm. So try not to do it. Instead, if you're having doubts, think back to why you chose that wedding dress in the first place. It probably made you feel elegant and comfortable. Keep that exact thought in your head.

Allow yourself to be that cool and complicated bride-to-be, but also clear your mind and try to refocus a little before you completely dismiss your initial decision. You chose your wedding dress based on more than just its looks. There’s also budget, timing, venue, weather, and delivery to consider. Not to mention that feeling it gave you. That feeling does not happen often. Trust us.


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