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The Top Wedding Questions Answered

Our experts answer the burning big day head scratchers

From planning a destination wedding to DIY bridal make-up, the build-up to getting married can be a stressful process. Here, we reveal the best wedding day advice on the subjects/questions we hear very often – from advice on honeymoon gift lists, to the most stylish bridal and everything in between.

Wedding Day Advice from Brides & Bustles

Although you've triple-checked your wedding checklist, there are some things that you're not likely to anticipate unless you've gotten married before!

Honeymoon Gift Lists

Is it okay to ask guests for honeymoon fund contributions instead of gifts?

If you’re only offering guidance on your preferences, it’s perfectly fine to ask for this. A honeymoon fund service lets you provide details about your plans, so your guests can choose a meaningful gift, while you get the cash.

wedding questions answered

Wedding Dress Shopping

Who should I bring with me to go dress shopping?

This can vary from bride to bride, but we suggest only taking the people you absolutely trust and are comfortable with. It could be your mum, sister, or best friend – as long as you trust their opinion and feel comfortable expressing yours to them. Limit your squad to two or three people, as having too many opinions can make decision-making more difficult

Planning a Destination Wedding

I need destination wedding day advice! Any tips?

Ensure that the property you’re hiring has plenty of space or local accommodation, and speak to your venue about local suppliers – it’s easier to work with local teams than transport everything from the UK. Try to choose a location with good transport links, too.

Bridal Make-up

What are your top tips for a bride doing her own make-up on her wedding day?

Start with a 20-minute radiance or hydration mask – try The Contourist by Temple Spa. Then tone, before applying serum and a lightweight, mattifying moisturizer.

Use a radiance and skin tone correcting concealer around the eyes and blend in your foundation for a flawless finish. Apply your eye make-up using a folded tissue on top of your cheekbone to catch any drops.

Next, add a light dusting of bronzer or blush where the sun naturally hits your face. Finish with your lips, applying this after you’ve put on your dress, to avoid smudging

Picking a Wedding Venue

How do we pick a wedding venue?

Start by deciding what you want in terms of location, timings and sound. When a venue sends you their initial quote, beware of hidden costs; you should ask what exactly is included for the price, and before you agree to anything, check that the venue can help you with everything you need to make your day amazing. And of course, make sure you visit before signing on the dotted line!

Choosing a wedding ring

Does a bigger diamond mean a better diamond?

Absolutely not – there’s so much more to take in to consideration. You could have a large diamond, but if it’s got a low clarity then all you’ll have is a big stone with lots of blemishes and inclusions. A diamond, like a relationship, is all about balance and compromise. You don’t need dramatic proportions for it to be beautiful – it’s really about ensuring you get a nice white diamond with no visible impurities to the naked eye


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