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Who is LQ Designs?

Find out all about this new wedding dress brand coming to Brides & Bustles

Did you watch the video? Go on! Its pretty impressive! So Who is LQ Designs? And why are we bringing their wedding dresses to our shop? Well, read on, find out and find your dream LQ Designs bridal gown in the process!

Established in 2005 and based in the UK, the LQ Designs brand has become recognised worldwide for its sumptuous bridal and stunning evening gowns. They are a brand that truly encapsulates that fairytale moment - romantic, elegant and magical. A designer that truly caters for all by designing their wedding dresses in a multitude of cuts and fabrics, a vital touch when trying to please every bride.

One of the key aspects to LQ Designs is their craftsmanship. Expert cuts, creative designers and they really care about how their gowns are produced. This is what they say 'Each and every member of our team is skilled at their craft, from our designers to our seamstresses, skills that have been honed to perfection over many years of working with LQ Designs. These skills and dedicated individuals ensure that LQ Designs deliver mesmerising collections year after year.' We can certainly vouch for this and their passion for what they do not only comes across in person, but in their beautiful wedding dresses too.

We have had LQ Designs on our radar for awhile now and its at the Harrogate Bridal Show that we took the plunge and went for their 2019 collection, we couldn't resist really! For our Barton-le-Clay store we have chosen 6 LQ Designs wedding dresses to begin with - but I'm sure we will be getting in so many more because you'll love them!

So if you are looking for a unique look on your big day that you will not see on many other brides then we are very proud to be stocking LQ Designs in Bedfordshire because it will be the brand for you!

See a small selection of their wedding dresses that we in-store here and book your appointment to see them for real below.


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