The Ella Rosa Collection has always had one dream - design high quality bridal gowns and offer them at unbeatable prices. The company owners followed these dreams, but on one condition...


Simple is better.


Always choose the highest quality materials, work closely with the production teams to control quality, and steadily improved their dress patterns year after year for the perfect fit.

GA2345 | Gallery Bridal

GA2345 | Gallery Bridal

1845 _ Kenneth Winston

1845 | Kenneth Winston

BE499 _ Ella Rosa Bridal

BE499 _ Ella Rosa Bridal

BE497 _ Ella Rosa Bridal

BE499 | Ella Rosa Bridal

BE250 _ Ella Rosa Bridal

BE250 | Ella Rosa Bridal

BE491 | Ella Rosa Bridal

BE491 | Ella Rosa Bridal

1819 Kenneth Winston

1819 Kenneth Winston Back

BE488 Ella Rosa

BE488 Ella Rosa Back

BE485 Ella Rosa

BE485 Back

BE463 Sabrina

BE463 Sabrina back

GA2304 Willow

GA2304 Willow Back



1729 Ella Rosa

1729 Ella Rosa Back



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