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9 Stylish Wedding Welcome Signs on Etsy

From rustic wooden pieces to ultra-modern floral installations, we're sharing our favourite wedding welcome signs on Etsy to inspire your big day planning.

chic Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas on etsy

You want to make sure all of your wedding-day details are just right. And you should start with the first piece of décor your guests will see: your wedding welcome sign. Your welcome sign should offer a taste of what your guests should expect from your big-day. It should give an immediate hint at the style and vibe that's to come. With that in mind, we think it's a great opportunity to make a stylish first impression. 

To get you feeling inspired, we've scoured Etsy for the prettiest wedding welcome signs around and it turns out the sky is pretty much the limit on there! From chalkboards and rustic wooden pallets to floral installations and hand-painted creations, you can easily match your wedding welcome sign with your theme. 

Wedding welcome signs aren't just about the aesthetics, though. They're also a handy way to point your guests in the direction of the bar (very important), let guests know about social distancing or give them an idea of what will be happening and when. Couples who want to see their Instagram feed flooded with their wedding photos should remember to write their wedding hashtag on the sign so guests can be sure to use it while sharing all of those candid moments.

No matter what your style, we have found a wedding welcome sign on Etsy to complement your wedding's overall vibe and theme. Scroll through our round-up of 9 creative wedding welcome signs to get you inspired.

Our Favourite Wedding Welcome Signs on Etsy

mirror wedding welcome sign


A luxe mirror makes for the perfect DIY wedding welcome sign. Master the art of modern calligraphy and use a white pen to write your message or have it printed for you and finish the look with some foliage.

See more about this Mirrored Wedding Sign here.

smudge of paint welcome sign


We’ve been seeing a lot of clear acrylic wedding welcome signs on Etsy and place names lately, and we love this paint smudge take on the trend.

See more about this welcome sign here.

chic wedding welcome sign


Crisp acrylic with black lettering and clean lines is the perfect choice for minimalist wedding themes.

See this stunning wedding sign here

chalkboard wedding sign


Chalkboard wedding welcome signs are very versatile and easy to customise. Whether you fancy experimenting with different fonts or adorning it in florals, it’s easy to make your sign, your own.

See more about this wedding welcome sign on Etsy here.

crate and calligraphy sign on etsy


Who would have thought an old crate, flowers and some cute calligraphy would look so effective? We love this idea for a rustic barn wedding.

Find this wedding sign on Etsy here.

unplugged wedding notice


Want to let your guests know it’s time to put the iPhone away? Use your welcome sign to politely let them know you’re going unplugged.

Find out more about this wedding sign here.

festival style wedding sign


Calling all festival loving couples! We’ve got your wedding welcome sign sorted with this effortlessly cool festival themed version.

Choose this festival style wedding sign here.

boho wedding sign


A sheet of linen teamed with simple fonts can have a huge impact when paired with a minimal or monochrome theme.

Choose this wedding sign here.

rustic sign


Farm or festival style weddings can really keep things pared back with a simple sign stuck in the ground or a welly boot!

Pick this wedding welcome sign on Etsy here.

Are you suitably inspired & welcomed? Well, now you've got your wedding welcome sign on Etsy, it's time to choose your bridal gown! Head over to our wedding dress page here & find your dream look for the big day.


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