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How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the UK?

If you want the dream wedding, a celebration pulled off without a hitch, you might need to hire a professional.

Organizing a wedding of any size can be a little overwhelming, certainly time-consuming, and always expensive. If this trifecta of fears is haunting your waking hours, then maybe it is worth hiring a wedding planner. Someone who knows exactly how to put a wedding together on-time, on budget and in spectacular fashion. And, what if we could tell you, they might actually save you money! That's right, even when you factor in the average cost of a wedding planner in the UK, you should still have more pennies in your budget once all is said and done.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the UK?

In this blog post, we will hare how much a wedding planner costs in the UK, along with a little advice on how to hire one.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the UK book with rings

The Cost of a Wedding Planner Will Vary

The cost of hiring a wedding planner will vary greatly, depending on several factors, including, chiefly, where you live in the UK. Wedding planners in London, for example, or any other major city will tend to be pricier than those in smaller towns or rural areas. That's just how it is, and the same can be said for every other part of your celebration. But, on the flip side, if you are marrying in a city, maybe you need a wedding planner more than ever in order to keep costs down.

The other factor affecting the cost of a wedding planner, is the type of service you require. Event planners typically offer numerous services, from full planning, to partial planning, to just day-of coordination. The cost of each service will depend on the amount of work and time the planner needs to put in.

Full planning involves the planner taking charge of every aspect of your big day, from the wedding venue to the catering and looking after every supplier you hire. Partial planning is more about helping with specific tasks, such as finding suppliers or helping with contracts. Day-of coordination is all about managing the wedding day itself, ensuring everything runs smoothly. There are other options available, such as 'month of' wedding planning, and even planning the events before and after the wedding.

It's important to point out that experienced wedding planners, suppliers who have been in the business for a long time will also tend to charge more than those who are just starting out.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the UK?

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the UK?

When you consider all of the above factors, it's hard to give an accurate depiction of the cost of hiring a wedding planner in the UK. However, you can expect prices to range from between £500 to £10,000, with the average being around £2,500.

If you have a tight wedding budget, you can still hire a professional event planner by going for partial planning, or day-of coordination services. These services are obviously less expensive than full planning, but they'll provide with something invaluable on your big day, peace of mind. It'll be impossible for you not to think about planning stuff during your celebrations, but a planner will help ease some of that pressure. And you ensure you properly enjoy the day.

How to Hire a Wedding Planner

When hiring a wedding planner, it's important to do your research, and select someone, or a team who is experienced, has solid reviews, and creates the kind of wedding you want planned. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, trawl the wedding websites, and ask your other suppliers if they know someone they've worked with before.

Once you found a wedding planner that matches your budget and style, it's essential to negotiate on fees. Some wedding planners will be open to negotiation, especially when dealing with couples on tight budgets. If that's you, be honest, be humble and share what you can afford. When your potential planner hears what you're willing to spend, they may be able to work with you, and come up with a plan that fits within your budget.

During the process of selecting a planner, be sure to read carefully all the documentation they provide, and make sure you understand what services are included. What are the fees for? When does payment need to be made? The contract should include a clause that allows you to cancel if you're not satisfied with the services provided.

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

An experienced UK wedding planner can be an excellent investment, helping to create a stress-free journey to the big day and memorable wedding. The cost of actually hiring an event planner does vary, but the right one is out there for you. And once you find them, you'll be able to have the wedding of your dreams, with a lot less hassle.


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