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Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides: 6 Stunning Styles

Ageless style for beautiful brides

There is no perfect age to get married. Whether you found your soulmate early on or later in life, all that matters is you get to say, “I do!” But, if you do consider yourself a mature bride, you may be wondering what styles suit you best. Well, we're here to offer some hints, and share our favourite wedding dresses for mature brides.

wedding dresses for mature brides

Regardless of age, style is personal and unique to everyone, and therefore what might be a perfect match for some, feels off for others. In other words, just because you're not in your twenties any more, it doesn't mean a stiff, modest gown is in order. No. Please don't hesitate to incorporate design elements into your bridal look that you've always gravitated toward.

At this stage, you know more about who you are and what you like than you ever did. That translates to putting together a big day ensemble together that truly reflects you – not simply wearing something you feel you ought to like. And try not to listen too hard to the 'rules' for older brides like, you shouldn’t wear white, you must cover your arms, etc. The truth is, that sort of thinking was already out of date 20 years ago. It’s your wedding day, and you just need to find a gown that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides: A Couple of Tips

We’ve got plenty of advice about what to look for, as well as some of our favourite designs for more mature brides.

1. Wear What You Love.

Start your gown search by taking a look at your wardrobe, and pulling out your favourite garments. The things that make you feel most confident when you put them on, and don't just mean dresses. Note down what it is you love about each one, and what they have in common. Maybe it's a certain neckline, type of sleeve, fabric weight or just general style. Once you see a pattern emerging, use that to guide your wedding dress search.

2. Flatter over Fashion.

A mistake common in all brides is choosing a wedding dress that is chic, but doesn't actually suit them. You know better than that. If a high neck doesn't flatter you, it doesn't matter that it's in all the magazines – put it aside.

3. Sleeves or No Sleeves?

You can find plenty of gorgeous wedding dresses with sleeves these days, but as a mature bride, you don’t have to cover up. Sleeveless dresses can look very elegant. Cap or flutter-style sleeves will cover your shoulders and upper arms while looking stylish. Or consider lace or illusion sleeves: three-quarter lengths work well, as they flatter your hands and wrists.

4. Don't Ignore Sexier Styles.

If you like to show some skin, there are plenty of wedding dress styles that let you do so. A backless wedding dress could look spectacular, or you could make it more subtle with a lace or illusion plunge to the rear of your dress.

The Best Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

This stunning wedding dress is perfect for mature brides, with its beaded lace motifs over sequin Chantilly lace. The V-neckline is so flattering, embellished with illusion lace, which mirrors the V-back with its illusion lace straps.

Layers of cloud-like chiffon and fine lace together on Condamine from St. Patrick to create a heavenly evasée-style wedding dress with flattering cap sleeves, classic boat neckline and an illusion back.

This dreamy A-line lace bridal gown features subtle sequin detail and full-length lace sleeves, finished at the cuff with pearl buttons. While a modern plunging neckline and a low V-shaped back offers a hint of sensuality, which pairs perfectly with the soft and flowing skirt, crafted from the finest chiffon.

Haliotis offers a classic haute couture look in a shiny Mikado embedded with a touch of stretch for ease of movement on the big day. Finished off with flattering wide pleats and fashionable deep pockets, and an elegant V-shaped neckline and back.

This soft A-line wedding dress is crafted from a floaty chiffon into a cool, boho style, with long puff open armed sleeves.

This classic A-line wedding dress is crafted from a dreamy layered chiffon and heirloom lace with a sensual front split and dainty row buttons slithering down the back. A high neck modern bridal for fashion-forward mature bride.


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