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7 Reasons to Shop Your Wedding Dress Local

We believe there is only one way to shop for your dream wedding dress and that’s shop local

shop local for your wedding dress

Your local coffee shop, your trusted hairdresser and your go-to nail technician-slash-confidante all have something in common: they’re local. So, when you embark on one of the most emotionally-invested searches of your life (well, next to finding the partner you’re about to marry... maybe?), wouldn’t it make sense to find a dependable nearby source, too? So, don’t go far to find your dream wedding dress and have the most amazing shopping experience and shop local.

Because shopping local isn’t just about convenience - although we’re all very busy people, so convenience is pretty critical - there are so many other important factors to staying close to home, from enjoying the most personalised experience to making a positive impact on your community.

Although we may be a little biased, we truly believe that shopping through a local, independent wedding shop is the way to go - not just for your wedding dress, but for all of your wedding needs! We have put together this post to share the benefits of buying from a local, independent wedding shop so grab a cuppa and see why Brides & Bustles or Confetti & Curves is where you should be visiting.

shop local for your wedding dress at Brides and Bustles

This is Why You Should Shop Local For Your Wedding Dress

Browse and Decide on Your Own Time

Buying a wedding dress is rarely a one-time visit, it can take two or even three goes to make sure it’s ‘the one. So if you need to make multiple trips to the wedding shop to stare at your maybe-dream dress (and crunch the numbers), it helps when the shop is a quick drive or walk away. Take your time, instead of feeling pressure to pull the trigger during a short visit to a city in which you don’t live.

A Decrease in Travel Stress

Compared to jetting to Capri for gown fittings, even regular commutes from your town to the next one over can cause major headaches (and road rage). Travelling to another town or city can be stressful on top of an already often-stressful time (wedding planning), why worry about directions, Uber's and traffic, when you can shop local for your wedding dress.

Build Relationships

Since you’re able to spend time at your leisure at the local wedding shop, you can also take the opportunity to build and establish a relationship with your sales consultants and management—creating an extra sense of confidence that they’re taking care of you, even when you’re not physically there. You entrust them to place and follow-up on your wedding dress order that will take months to arrive. Technically, this back and forth is much easier if you are shopping at a local wedding shop. Close proximity to the shop also offers frequent opportunities for surprise check-ins for a cup of tea and a catch up!

shop local for your wedding dress Sottero and Midgley

Enjoy a More Personalised Experience

Being close to your local wedding shop is useful when you get your dress fitted to your exact measurements, the shop will either have fitters in-house who know the style inside-out, or they will be able to recommend the perfect place to go to elsewhere in the city or town and have probably fitted the same dress to another bride before.

Take Advantage of Local Knowledge

Every bridal shop owner is connected to a network of other industry professionals. Wedding shop owners and experienced sales consultants - especially ones with deep roots in the town, can be a fountain of knowledge that can save you precious research time and energy. Shopping at a local wedding shop could bear other fruits such as local photographer, DJ, hair and makeup or florist referrals.

Strengthen the Local Economy

You are supporting the local economy and small businesses. Keep a locally beloved shop, which is maybe family-owned for generations or founded by an independent business owner brings more talent into the area, in business. Plus, the shop will hopefully pay it forward and refer you to other local businesses, all while providing employment opportunities for members of your community. It kind of makes your wedding dress even more meaningful, right?

A Special Bond that Extends to Your Loved Ones

There is a sentimental aspect to wedding dress shopping and it just feels special to be close to the shop. You’ll also love taking your girlfriends or family members to the local wedding shop where you bought your bridal gown, creating a new tradition. It may sound corny but it’s true, we feel like we have a real relationship with our brides, and we miss them when they go! It’s always lovely when brides come back to the shop when their friends get engaged!

If you're ready to start your wedding dress shopping journey please click here and book your appointment with us!


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