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How to Choose Your Bridal Jewellery in 5 Steps

Bridal jewellery adds sparkle, style and character that emanates the bride's own taste and personality. Learn how to choose jewellery for your wedding in 5 steps and guarantee radiance on your big day.

When you think of a bride’s style on her wedding day, the first thing that comes to mind is, undoubtedly, the wedding dress. But apart from the bridal gown, there are many other things that a bride chooses to complement her overall big day look. Bridal jewellery, for example, adds sparkle, style and character that emanates the bride’s own taste and personality.

It's such a special feeling to browse beautiful necklaces and earrings, whether online or in store, imagining yourself putting them on as you finish getting ready on your wedding morning. However, as with buying your wedding dress, it is also easy to get lost in too-much-choice syndrome. After all, there's just so much sparkling prettiness to consider!

What's more, even if you fall hard for a particular piece, you could find that, lovely as it is, it simply doesn't go with your wedding dress.

Learn how to choose bridal jewellery for your wedding in 5 steps and look radiant on your big day.

1) Consider the style of your dress

This sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying anyway. The dress is, naturally, the focal point of your appearance, and it will look better in photos if the jewellery works well with the dress. For example, if your dress has a relatively high neck and an embellished bodice, you wouldn't choose a necklace, because it would be too much, and would get lost in the beading. For this reason, leave your bridal jewellery shopping until after you've found your gown.

2) Stay true to your own taste

If there’s a style or piece of jewellery you see cropping up on wedding blogs/Pinterest/Instagram, it’s easy to start thinking ‘well perhaps I should wear something like that, too’. But if you wouldn’t wear something similar in every day life, think twice about whether it’s right for you. Of course, you wouldn’t wear a huge tiara every day, but you would wear one for your wedding, but if, say, the tiara is heavily jewelled and you usually favour clean, simple lines, look for a tiara that fits that theme.

3) Consider wearing jewellery that is 'something old, something borrowed'

Because jewellery is valuable, it’s often handed down through the generations, gifting it with memories and emotions, so it’s no wonder many brides wear at least one piece that has sentimental value.

If you’re struggling to pull your pieces into a cohesive look, consider choosing one material, style or era to make things go without having to be matchy-matchy.

4) Don’t feel bound by tradition if you want shiny new bridal jewellery

Conversely, if you’re determined for your big day look to come together seamlessly, or want to create new heirlooms and memories with some brand new pieces, don’t feel you have to wear something old just because it’s ‘expected’ of you. Let’s face it, there's enough expectations around you as a bride without adhering to tiny ones like this…!

5) Less is sometimes more

Among the things you shouldn’t forget when planning your wedding look is that sometimes, less is more. We recommend that you wear no more than 3 accessories in total, and let your natural beauty and unique style shine.


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