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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Write the perfect vows for your 2021 wedding, and achieve the reaction you've been dreaming of.

Your wedding vows are promises you make to your partner, and they can be traditional or modern. Traditional vows are those lines we’ve all heard before on TV or at the cinema, and they go something like “I take you… in sickness and health... etc. While they are classic, if you feel like they do not represent you, and your feelings, you should try writing your own modern wedding vows.

Writing your own vows will quickly make your ceremony more personal and meaningful, and that moment together unforgettable. But it's a tremendous undertaking, summing up your love, dreams, and promises to your partner in a few short minutes. And it can actually be a little overwhelming. However, we believe it's well worth it! This is your chance to tell your story, and give your guests a peek into what makes your relationship tick, and share some meaningful words with the person you love.

how to write your wedding vows

If you are struggling with the composition of your vows, and would like some help writing those important lines. Please scroll down, and we'll give you some top tips to help you get started.

1. Start with a list

Write a list of memories you treasure that have cute or funny anecdotes. Moments you're happy to share. This list can give you your opening paragraph, or simply express how and why you fell in love.

2. Say I love you, your way

Perhaps you have a favourite song to say I love you with, a love poem you wrote, or a shared movie scene that you both love. Adding it to your wedding vows is a great way to honour a moment that’s played a special role in your love story.

3. Write how your partner makes you better

The perfect soulmates make it each other better, and together they grow stronger. Share what has changed or improved in you, as a person, since your partner arrived in your life.

how to write your wedding vows

4. Time to make real promises

Wedding vows are all about making promises, and not just romantic and idealistic ones. Real things that the two of you should aim for; from the most basic promise of being there for each other through thick and thin, to taking out the trash, and never forgetting to kiss goodbye.

5. Do not overthink

It’s fine to review and change some bits of your original draft, but keep your vows as close as possible to how you expressed it the first time you thought it.

6. Keep it short:

Leave out unnecessary details. Your guests may not want to hear about what you wore to your first date and how you were late because you were stuck in traffic. In general, people's attention span is short. So keep it snappy, and you'll keep it memorable.

7. Practice

Read your wedding vows aloud, so you know where you need to pause to make them coherent and meaningful. Ask a friend for help, if needed.

8. Look at your partner

While reading, avoid looking at the officiant or guests. You are making those promises to the person you are marrying; look as often as possible into his or her eyes.


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