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7 Lovely Ways to Say Thanks to Your Wedding Suppliers

Let your wedding team know just how much their work has meant to you during and after these difficult times with these thoughtful thank you ideas.

Your wedding venue, suppliers and ahem, wedding shops have all been there for you from the moment they got your first enquiry until the last dance at your wedding reception, some even beyond that. So we believe it’s important to show them just how grateful you are.

From sending a thank-you card to giving a gift, there are plenty of ways you can say a big thank you to those that helped to make your wedding dreams come true, or are keeping your big day plans afloat during the pandemic.

To help you decide on the best way (or ways) to say thanks to your wedding suppliers, we’ve listed our favourite ways to show gratitude below. Get ready to make someone’s day!

Send a Thank-you Card

There’s something extra special about a handwritten note or message in the mail. More personal than a text or an email, a card expressing your gratitude will give your supplier a keepsake from your special day. Plus, it also gives them something to display in their office or workshop – something that won’t go unnoticed by potential clients.

When it comes to deciding on your message, try to make each supplier’s card unique by writing about the specific things they did that you appreciated so much. Perhaps your wedding planner saved you from table planning stress or a bridal boutique owner tracked down your dream dress under difficult circumstances? Whatever it was that made your suppliers stand out, make sure you include it in your card.

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Buy a Thank-you Gift

Take your thank you a step further and invest in a gift for the wedding suppliers who went above and beyond your expectations. You can combine your gift with a card and review, to really show your star suppliers how much you appreciate their services. Suppliers really won't be expecting a gift, and you don't need to spend much, just something simple like a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or a voucher is sure to go down well.

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Leave a Tip

Leaving a tip can sometimes be an awkward business (we're English after all!), but it doesn't have to be. Decide on how much you'd like to give to each supplier and pop it in an envelope. You can then hand over the envelope when each supplier has completed their service, so when the DJ has finished their set for example. A tip will be gratefully received by suppliers and will let them know that you're particularly happy with their work.

How much you choose to give is totally up to you and it's important that you don't hand out more than you can afford. To ensure you have enough left in the budget when it comes to it, factor tipping into your overall wedding spend at the start of your planning.

Leave a Lovely Review

Leaving a review is quick, free and, most importantly, really helpful to your wedding suppliers. Most couples choose their suppliers online and so leaving a Google, Facebook or tagged Instagram post can help your supplier attract potential clients. Try to include the things that stood out to you about your supplier and any instances where they went above and beyond the call of duty. Trust us, your words will give them a major boost, especially during these difficult times.

Let Them Share Your Wedding Photos

Sharing real wedding photos is a great way for suppliers to advertise their work and lets potential clients know that they have a host of happy couples behind them. Once you get your wedding photos back from your photographer, send over any images of your suppliers' work with your permission to share them - just make sure you ask them to credit your photographer when they do. Your photos could form part of their portfolio or even give them some inspirational content to post on social media.

Become Their Regular Customer

If your supplier offers services outside of weddings, why not become a regular customer? Buy flowers from your florist, book your makeup artist for a special occasion, spend the night at your venue on your anniversary or ask your photographer to do a family shoot. Giving them your business as often as you can is a great way of saying thank you for all their hard work on your wedding. Its also a lovely way to continue a relationship far beyond the big day.

Spread the Word

If you loved the work your supplier did for your wedding, one of the best ways to thank them is by spreading the word among your friends and family. You can do this by recommending them in person, sharing their work on your social media feeds, sharing their posts or tagging friends who you think may be interested in their services. It may not seem like much to you, but a single share could equal a new client for your supplier - something they'll be very grateful of indeed!


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