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Stuck in quarantine? The 28-minute workout you can do at home to keep fit & maintain your spirits!

It’s hard to keep up with ― and keep calm about ― the ever-changing restrictions and policies surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Along with school closures, there are restrictions on public gathering places like bars, restaurants and gyms, to name but a few.

Physical fitness is an important coping mechanism for those of us trying to keep anxiety at bay and maintain a sense of normalcy and well-being. At the same time, it’s important to prioritize safety and social distancing. As many of you settle in to work from home for the foreseeable future we thought we'd share this 28 minute workout you can do at home in order to keep fit and maintain your spirits during the coronavirus outbreak.

While the regime itself will only take 28 minutes to complete, it's imperative that you warm up and cool down as part of the exercise program. The warm up can simply be one minute of star jumps or skipping combined with a series of stretches. These stretches, which should be done over a period of three to five minutes, include clockwise shoulder rotations, anti-clockwise shoulder rotations, alternating anterior arm swings, alternating ankle touches, leg swings left and then right.

Once your body is warm create some space in your home to complete the remaining exercises.

If you're a beginner you'll do three sets with 10 reps each, if you're an intermediate you'll do three sets with 14 reps each and advanced will do three sets with 18 reps.

- To start with, air squats will kick-start your glutes and raising your arms simultaneously will stabilise your core.

- Follow this with push-ups, which work the majority of your muscle groups including arms, shoulders, chest and legs. Knee ups on a chair or box of some sort works your glutes again and raises your heart rate with a small amount of cardio.

- Now find a towel and 'row' with it, pulling the ends taut as though it's a barbell and keeping your spine straight as you lean forward.

- Follow this up with a reverse lunge, ensuring your eye line is straight and your knees track evenly over your toes, and end with butterfly sit ups.

- Cool down by doing static stretches to target your calf, hamstring, quad, chest and back.

This full body workout will keep you toned during the pandemic so long as you're also supplementing with a healthy diet.

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