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Summer 2018 Wedding Trends You'll Love!

Whether you're loving or lathing the warm weather (heatwave, heatwave!) we've been having you can't ignore the fact that Summer is here! With that comes Summer weddings! Receptions on the lawn or party on the rooftop, in our opinion a big day at this time of year is the best!

When you’re in the midst of wedding planning, it will start to feel like every single moment of your free time is spent flipping through wedding magazines, searching through posts on social media, and reading through different articles about what kinds of trends, decorations, or items you should have at your wedding to make it feel unique.

With the summer season shinning on all of us, new wedding trends are surfacing; some might sound a little weird at first but might just be the twist your big day needs to help your guests have an added-layer of fun at your reception or ceremony.

So to help you with some summer wedding ideas we are sharing our favourites right now!


summer wedding ideas 2018

Late-night snacks have become a wedding staple that a lot of guests now look forward to. There's nothing better than carbing up before their final dances or the wedding after party. In 2016, the doughnut wall trend swept weddings as both a twist on the typical dessert and as a “one last thing before you go” treat for guests. But in 2018, that trend is being taken over by people using the wall idea to showcase their favorite food item, from Olive Garden breadstick boards to bagel and cream cheese walls, couples are taking their favorite carb-loaded snack and displaying it in an Instagram-worthy way.


summer wedding ideas

Think to yourself, “How can I make my wedding ultra-Instagrammable?” One way surefire way: add a flower wall to your decor. Instead of going big and bold with your floral centerpieces, opt for a flower wall that guests can pose in front of and stop and smell as they walk by. Plus, it gives your reception room an ambiance perfect for the fresh summer season.


summer wedding ideas

One of the biggest decor trends for summer whether your ceremony or reception is indoors or outdoors is having custom neon signs at your wedding. Whether these signs say you and your fiancé’s names, a special slogan, or even your wedding hashtag, putting these signs around your venue gives your party an electric vibe. Plus, it’s the kind of decoration you can take from your wedding and display in your home afterward.


summer wedding ideas

It’s summer, so the best way to keep your guests happy is to make sure they are hydrated throughout your wedding with booze of their choice (and water, of course). Having a signature cocktail was a trend of the past—now, go for a DIY cocktail bar where your guests can create their favorite drinks using fresh fruit as a summertime twist.


summer wedding ideas

Summer is truly all about colour; and one way to add it to your tables is with candles. Whether in a centerpiece or floating in water in the middle of the table, add a vibrant splash of color by using coloured candles.

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