Tips for Handling shy Flower Girls

Our best advice for preparing your littlest wedding attendants for the big day

Everything at your wedding ceremony is going as planned: All of the bridesmaids dresses are intact, the ushers are charming as ever, and the rings are accounted for. But once it's time for your flower girl and ring bearer to walk down the aisle, they freeze. It's common for the youngest members of the wedding party to feel shy about such a big role, and there are many ways to preemptively help them feel confident and happy on the big day. As a celebration of the arrival of our brand new LittleWay flower girl dresses we wanted to share our best tips for dealing with a shy little one & ensure they are excited to walk down the aisle.

Handling a shy Flower Girl on your wedding day

Give Them a Mate

If one of your flower girls is shy, remember that there's power in groups. We'd recommend having the flower girl and ring bearer walk together if they're shy. You could also add a second flower girl or ring bearer to act as the shy child's mate. Also, make sure they get a chance to meet in person, if you can, so they feel confident leaning on each other during their time in the spotlight!

Give Them a Distraction

If you were shy as a kid, you'll probably remember your parents trying to preoccupy you with a game or toy. The same goes for the little ones in your wedding party. Giving them something to do while walking is a good distraction. If the ring bearer isn't actually carrying the rings, they can carry a pillow, box, or sign (check out these cute signs on Etsy!)to keep their hands occupied. If throwing petals is frowned upon at your venue, let your flower girls carry single flowers or even ribbon wands to symbolise the celebration of the coming of the bride.

Give Them a Reward

What kid can refuse getting a reward for doing a good job? No kid, and that's a fact. Before the little ones head down the aisle, you or their parents can show them a toy or treat they'll get once the ceremony is over. They'll be excited to celebrate with their well-deserved gift at the reception.

Have Them Walk Toward Someone They Trust

One of the easiest ways to get a shy flower girl down an aisle is to put someone they really care about on the aisle —or even waiting at the end — to help them fulfil their duties without fear. If need be, a loved one can help guide them down by looking at them as they walk. It won't solve all your problems, but it can greatly help.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Whether you're a kid or an adult, practicing something beforehand always helps ease the nerves. After going through the ceremony a couple times as a group, take a little more time with your flower girl and ring bearer to make sure they're totally comfortable walking down the aisle. Practice makes perfect, right?

We hope these simple solutions will go a long way in making your littlest attendant feel great on your wedding day! Get them looking their very cutest and coordinated with your whole wedding party by checking out the stunning LittleWay flower girl dresses which have just arrived at Brides & Bustles!

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Lots of love

Claire & Christine xx