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Wedding Trends 2020

Out with the old & in with the unique and sustainable, we've plenty of inspiration for next year's brides and grooms. Here's the wedding trends 2020 you need.

For a 2020 wedding which strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, the latest wedding trends are a good place to start. Allowing couples to put a personal stamp on their wedding day for a truly unique occasion, trends offer the chance to make a wedding memorable with creative and never-before-seen additions. With this year proving a popular year to wed, we take a look at the wedding trends 2020 trends taking hold.

Wedding Trends 2020

Sustainable Weddings

Sustainability has been a huge topic in the news for all of 2019 and will continue into 2020. With Princess Eugenie’s environmentally-conscious wedding this year, so many eco-friendly options have popped up for couples. Central to this is drastically reducing the amount of plastics used in your wedding and your carbon footprint – and there’s lots of ways you’ll see this happen.

Long Banquet Tables

Round tables are so passé! It will be all about the banquet table in 2020, and in an outside setting for absolute new decade vibes. Imagine you and your guests sat in linear fashion, extending out into the distance of your rural setting, at either side of a long row of tables, set with wine glasses, candles, bread baskets and delicious food stretching away as far as the eye can see. While this looks incredible at outdoor weddings (think fairylight backdrops in the UK and a chateau courtyard for a destination wedding), it works inside as well. Try this set-up in a marquee, big barn or warehouse, or in a long gallery at a stately home or castle venue. It doesn’t just work for large numbers – anything from 30 guests and up looks amazing flanking a long table.

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

Full vegetarian and vegan menus will become more common, firstly, for environmental reasons, and secondly, because the choice of delicious dishes is now so extensive and creative. Rather than alternative dishes for a few of your guests with dietary requirements, all the guests will eat the same wedding breakfast, making vegetarianism and veganism the norm. Interactive feasting will continue to be hugely popular and feed into cultivating conversation between guests. From sharing-inspired mains to deluxe desserts designed to be portioned at the table, the atmosphere will be relaxed and convivial.

Two-in-One Wedding Dresses

A ceremony dress and a reception dress will become a staple in 2020 as brides find more way to show off their personality and style. Celebrities like Billie Faiers, who changed into a playsuit for her evening party in the Maldives, and Ellie Goulding, who wore four outfits, are fuelling a demand for multiple looks through their day. Alternatively, brides will be using cover-ups as an affordable way to change their look while keeping the same base-layer dress. Capes, full-length lace cover-ups and structured jackets will be used to adapt and individualise outfits and save the reveal of the dress in all its glory.

Wedding Trends 2020

Statement Tablescapes

As huge centrepieces fall out of favour, lavish and extravagant tablescapes will step up as a way to bring interest to your tables. Personalisation is the driving force behind this: couples no longer want their wedding breakfast tables to look the same as an upmarket restaurant dining experience. Colours, textures and unique touches will bring a tailor-made look to tables.

Gender-Mixed Wedding Parties

Instead of all-female bridesmaids and all-male groomsmen, 2020 will see a mix-up in how we choose who’s in our wedding party. With a rise in humanist weddings, a decline in religious ceremonies and more gay weddings, how we marry in 2020 is going to be very different from previous years. This will show itself most in the wedding party as gendered traditions are thrown out the window and replaced with just the people the couple want standing by their side.

We’ll see more best women and males of honour, plus groomswomen and bridesmen. And there’ll be less use of the term ‘bridal party’. After all, there’s not always a bride.


Twenty guests on a wind-swept hillside witnessing the exchange of vows. A modest, fifty-strong gang of friends and family at a secret manor house sharing champagne and impromptu song, or just you, your betrothed and some witnesses you picked up earlier on a paradise beach. Micro-weddings save money, cut down on planning and eliminate guest list agony as you simply invite only those who absolutely must be there. Did someone say Vegas?


The millennial mindset of ‘the more the merrier’ appears to be on the rise. In a poll of 2,000 people in relationships aged 18-35, 47% have been on, or would consider going on, a “buddymoon”. More than half of those surveyed claimed to have more fun with a bigger group, compared with just their partner, meaning the traditional holiday for two may be falling out of fashion. A group is a cheaper way to access certain high-end activities like renting a boat or villa.


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