Why buy Off-the-Peg at Brides & Bustles?

Buying off-the-peg can be the perfect choice for your wedding dress

Buying off the peg wedding dresses are a great way to save money on your wedding. Ready made wedding dresses are ideal if you’re having a beach wedding or even if you’re still looking for that fairytale wedding dress without breaking the bank. Don’t think that you need to fore go quality or that an off the peg wedding dress means you won’t get an amazing bridal gown for your wedding. We have a fantastic range of bridals that are from a previous season which are brand new and still offer the same experience as ordering a wedding dress.

Here's some reasons why you should choose an Off-the-Peg Wedding Dress at Brides & Bustles

Getting Married Abroad

Buying off-the-peg means you save money and planning a wedding abroad can be expensive. Flights, hotels, insurance, sun cream... it all adds up! Plus, in theory you can take the dress away that day so its one more thing you can tick off your list!


As we mentioned a dress from our off-the-peg rail will certainly save you money, our 'Love Me, Buy Me' range are all priced under £700. So you can take away your dream wedding dress at a fraction of the cost!

An evening wedding dress

Why have one wedding dress, when you can have two! A growing trend is to have two gowns for your big day so you can change up your look throughout your wedding. Maybe you want a big wedding dress for your walk down the aisle and then something slinky for the evenings festivities! Choosing off-the-peg for your 1st or 2nd gown is the perfect choice as it won't impact your budget so much.

A tight wedding schedule

Ordering a wedding dress can take 4-5 months + if you factor in fittings too, which is fine if you have planned in advance and have plenty of time. If you don't have that luxury then off-the-peg is perfect as you can take the dress away or we can arrange alternations for you. Either way you'll have your wedding dress much faster and be ready to tie the knot in no time!

Usually cheaper than renting

Some brides opt for a rented dress for their wedding but on the whole this can sometimes work out more expensive for you. As the rental dress will still need to be altered to fit you their charges can be more than buying it outright off-the-peg. Plus, if you're not too sentimental you have the opportunity to sell your dress on afterwards.

Our physical Off-the-Peg Wedding Dress section is changing all the time but please click below and get a feel for the types of bridals we have.

View our Love Me, Buy Me Section

So there you have it, some really good reasons to choose an Off-the-Peg wedding dress from Brides & Bustles! Equally we also have a huge selection of bridal gowns for you to try and order in-store so please feel free to make an appointment and see for yourself!

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