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7 Unexpected Wedding Jobs Every Bridesmaid Should Be Ready For

Congrats, You're a Bridesmaid. Here Are the Jobs You've Signed Up

1. Breakfast planner

One of your first wedding jobs as a bridesmaid is in the morning before the celebration even begins. It’s your job to make sure the bride eats. A combination of nerves and excitement will most likely have dramatically reduced her appetite. That means she may not want to eat. This is where you come in.

Stock up on a few of her favourite snacks to tempt her taste buds or make her something extra special for her big day.

Make sure she’s hydrated too. If she doesn’t drink enough water, she might become dehydrated. This goes one of two ways: she might end up with a dehydration headache or alternatively, she might suddenly feel thirsty and over-compensate with the champagne...

2. Keep an eye on the flowers

Make sure you check the flowers every so often. Does the bouquet look like it’s beginning to wilt? What’s that abandoned buttonhole doing on the floor? Does the flower crown need a little spritz of water?

We know you’re not a florist. But it doesn’t hurt to keep checking on the blooms to make sure they still look fabulous.

3. Emergency services

Laddered tights, spilt coffee on the dress, a no-show supplier…whatever the “oh my god” moment is, one of your wedding jobs is to be ready to help.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about these things unnecessarily in advance. But perhaps work with the bride to create a few Plan B’s for any worst-case scenarios to reassure you, the bride, and everyone in the wedding party.

4. Be vigilant of certain guests

For instance, maybe the bride asks you to make sure her grandmother is comfortable throughout the day. Or the groom might ask you to keep half-an-eye on his newly-divorced friend.

Check through the guest list and have a look to see who you might need to be vigilant of.

5. Time for a quick touch-up

Make sure you keep a few make-up essentials in a clutch bag. We recommend you include:

- Lipstick

- Eyeliner

- Blotting paper

- Small bottle of perfume

This means the bride can top-up her beauty look ahead of the photos and the first dance.

6. Bathroom duty

You knew this was coming as one of your wedding jobs when you signed up to be a bridesmaid! If the bride is wearing a big, pouffy dress, chances are she might need a little help when it comes to using the bathroom.

7. Prepare a post-wedding surprise

This is strictly optional, but it’s a lovely, thoughtful touch. We’re not talking anything huge. Perhaps dinner with all the bridesmaids or a framed photo from the wedding day. The possibilities are endless.

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