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How to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

We think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re taking time out of your busy wedding planning schedule to find ways to make your bridesmaids feel special.


Your bridesmaids will be your rock during the wedding planning process, not to mention the actual big day. They’re your go-to-gang, and you couldn’t be without them, so why not show them how much you need, and love them!

How to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

We hope your bridesmaids already feel pretty special, being able to play such an important part in your wedding. But that doesn't mean they can't be spoilt a little bit too! Sisters, best friends, mates from way back, they all still deserve to know how special they are to you. Plus, it means they'll have no issue in going that extra mile for you on the day! Tactical niceness, love it!

Ask Them to Be Your Bridesmaid in a Special Way

First things first, you need to ask them to be your bridesmaid. It’s the perfect way to begin the wedding planning process, and the gesture doesn't have to bust the budget.

We love the idea of putting together a little box of goodies, things that represent your friendship. This could be sentimental photos, a mixtape, concert tickets… whatever you can think of that will make them smile, or even shed a tear! Add a short but sweet message in with the items too, something that shares why you're choosing them to be your bridesmaid.

There are so many options on the market now, so delve through Etsy and get something beautiful and ready-made or do it yourself by sourcing materials on eBay, for example.

Introduce the Gang to Each Other

Your bridesmaids may not all know each other, and this can sometimes lead to some awkward silences and uncomfortable small talk.

Introduce each of them to one another –during a girly day, or fun night out! Something planned for before the hen party. If this proves difficult due to distance, use social media to get everyone talking. Creating a group on WhatsApp is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and to keep up to date with all the plans you’ve got going on. You never know, these introductions could lead to some new and unexpected friendships!

Listen to their Ideas

Weddings bring out the wedding planner in all of us. We all have big ideas in our heads, critical things we want and don’t want (thank you, Pinterest…!). But be sure to involve your girls in the wedding planning process and ask their opinions.

It’s their duty as bridesmaid to help you out and to give you extra ideas and inspiration. Don’t dismiss their ideas straight away just because it’s not what you had in your head! If you shoot them down immediately, you could be missing out on a winning idea for your wedding! They may also feel unappreciated, as if they are simply getting in the way – no one wants to make their bridesmaids feel like that!

Find the Perfect Bridesmaids Together

You’ve probably already chosen the theme for your wedding and envisioned a bridesmaid dress design that'll fit in with it. However, you must take your bridesmaids thoughts and feelings about what they want to wear into consideration too.

They need to feel comfortable your choice because if they don’t, they won’t enjoy your special day quite as much as you'd like. Put yourself in their position, you'd want to be happy in a dress that feels right, so they should too.

Make the process easier for everyone and don't pick out their dresses for them. Instead, share your theme, maybe a colour guide, and then let them make choices based on that.

Relax Together

Both you and your girls need to take time out during the wedding planning process to have a little bit of relaxation time. Why not take your BFFs on a spa break, or perhaps just have a night in with a bottle (or two) of wine and some at-home spa treatments. This little treat could be the perfect way for you all to wind down.

Sometimes planning a wedding can feel like a second job, but it shouldn't. Remember to regularly take stock and enjoy the process. Doing this will only help in creating the perfect wedding day for you and your bridesmaids, and your partner!


Be Thankful

Before your special day is over, thank your bridesmaids personally.

Take a few moments out of your day to let them know how great they’ve been, and show your love! Maybe even give them a pretty little gift! Oh, and make sure you also get some fab photographs of you together on the day! A framed group picture is always a good shout and makes a gorgeous memento.

Communicate with Each Other

Weddings can put a lot of strain on everyone. When there's a million and one things to organise it’s easy for the pressure to get to you and those around you.

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to your bridesmaids, tell them how you feel. Your bridesmaids will be sympathetic towards you and your situation. Talking regularly about how you feel is so much more effective than bottling things up, and it should help in stopping any big bridezilla moments!

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