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What to Consider When Having a Man of Honour or a 'Groomswoman'

Most things are the same, but in some areas you'll have to consider doing things slightly differently.

The terms 'bridesmaid' and 'groomsman' have gendered connotations and are deeply rooted in tradition. However, there is no hard and fast rule requiring you to divide your wedding party into his and hers. We say go for it if you'd rather have a male bridesmaid or a female groomsman, feel free to choose the person you want supporting you, regardless of gender. Besides, having men and women on either side of the couple is a sweet way to include your friends in your big day.

What to Consider When Having a Man of Honour or a 'Groomswoman'

What You Should Know About Having a Man of Honour or a Groomswoman

What Are They Invited to?

Invite them to everything, as long as you and the person in question are both comfortable with the event you've planned. Check in with them before sending out invites to ensure they'll feel comfortable attending (for example, your male best friend might not be (or may be inappropriately!) excited about your lingerie-themed bridal shower as you…), but extend an invitation to every event you want them to attend.

Where Should They Get Ready?

While a male bridesmaid may not want to spend the morning watching you and your bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, you should invite him to join you for all the important morning moments. Include him in your breakfast or lunch, and make sure he's dressed and ready to go when it's time for you to show off your wedding gown. If your fiancé has a groomswoman by his side, ask him (and her) if she'd like to get ready with you and your bridesmaids, or if she'd rather hang out with the guys.

What Should They Put On?

You have a few options for attire, but the most important thing is that they look like they belong to the gang, and that they feel comfortable.  You could have a man of honour wear the same attire as the groomsmen, or you could swap out an accessory (like a tie or shirt) to better match the bridesmaids. 

We looooove the look of a best woman in a gown similar to that of the bridesmaids, but in a darker hue, or in a gown of her own that matches the colour of the groomsmen's suits. Use flowers to help everyone coordinate by selecting colours or varieties that tie each section of the wedding party together.

Be a Wedding Day Fixer.

It will be the responsibility of your man of honour to cater to the bride on the wedding day, keeping her calm, cool, and collected. They'll also be responsible for ensuring that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly. 

If things are getting tough, you should be able to turn to your bridesman, and remember why you felt you couldn't imagine getting married without them. They shouldn't be afraid to step up and manage. Directing the photographer to the correct location, ensuring that the pianist arrives on time, and making sure the bride has an extra pair of tights and her favourite perfume always on hand.


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