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The Best Fabrics to Wear For a Summer Wedding

If you're getting hitched somewhere that's warm all year round, or you want a comfortable summer wedding, this is the fabrics guide for you.

If you’re planning a summer wedding or destination wedding, it’s safe to say the weather could be very hot and humid (even in the UK). That means you should consider which fabrics are best for the climate when dress shopping for your bridal gown, and bridesmaids. Otherwise, you might end up spending the whole day sweating!

The Best Fabrics to Wear For a Summer Wedding

Here’s a list of the best fabrics for any bride or bridesmaid preparing for a summer wedding.


This is a sheer, lightweight fabric and is usually layered or used as an accent on gowns. It’s ethereal and drapes beautifully. If you’re having a beach wedding, choose a gown made from chiffon. You’ll look so glam when your gown blows in the ocean breeze!

summer wedding dress in chiffon

Illusion net

This is a sheer fabric often used to add a unique detail or element to a gown. Sleeves, necklines, and backs in this material are all popular choices for designers. If you want to show a bit of skin while still feeling supported, go for illusion detailing.

summer wedding dress with illusion back


If you want a look with a bit more structure, that’s still lightweight, organza is the summer bridal fabric for you! This material gives off such a romantic feel with its glistening finish. Frequently used to intensify fullness on skirts or lengthy trains.

summer wedding dress in organza


Crêpe is a durable and lightweight silk fabric that drapes in a really chic way. It’s flattering as it has a clean and crisp appearance that falls elegantly. And it's perfect if you want to avoid structured silhouettes, and prefer instead something softer. It’s also not usually layered with anything else, so it would be the ideal fabric for a summer wedding.

summer wedding dress in crepe


This fabric creates the most beautiful bridal. Often used underneath dresses to add volume to the bottom half. Light and delicate, and it can be used in so many ways. If you find a dress with layers of tiered tulle, you know you're going to create a romantic look. This fabric is perfect for a summer wedding if you’re a bride who wants to make the most of her princess walk down the aisle, but without all the heavy layers. Although it may not be too practical on the beach…


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