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How to Lace up a Wedding Dress

Some of the most popular wedding dress styles have a classic corset back, which will need to be laced up on your wedding day. But how is it done?

Many of our wedding dresses here at Brides & Bustles have a corset back. And learning how to lace up a corset dress is something you will need to do before your big day. Making sure that whoever is assisting you knows exactly what to do.

It may look easy (and it is!), but you will need someone to show you the ropes (laces!) before the big day! So, we thought we would make a little video to show you exactly what to do!

We cannot stress enough the need to practice lacing up your wedding dress before your big day. Many brides don't practice tying their gown and don’t have the time to fix it before the ceremony. It can look a little odd in the pictures if not done right, and even a seasoned Photoshop expert would struggle to fix it! Practising how to lace up a corset doesn’t take long, and it guarantees better execution on your big day.

There is a quick tutorial video below that will show you how to lace up a wedding dress, along with written instructions too if you would rather keep something to hand.

Instructions on How to Lace up a Wedding Dress

1. Thread the ribbons through the top loops.

2. Make sure the ribbons are an even length.

3. Thread one end of the ribbon into the loop on the opposite side, and do the same with the other end – like tying a shoelace.

4. Continue threading through the loops until you have tied three ribbon holes.

5. Then pull outwards on the second ribbon, tightening the dress. Then the same for the third.

6. The dress should now have shape and the bride shouldn't feel the gown slipping.

7. Continue tying the ribbons, trying to keep them as straight as possible.

8. Tie every loop until you get to the bottom.

9. Working your way down to the bottom from the third loop, pull outwards to tighten the corset.

10. Once all the loops are tightened, tie the end of the ribbon in its first knot.

11. Put your laces underneath the skirt to where the bottom of the corset is and feed/poke both ends of the ribbon through into the dress via the hole at the bottom of the corset.

12. Once the ribbon ends are inside, pull them down to make sure the corset is tight and sits nicely.

13. Inside the dress, tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow, so it doesn't get caught when walking or dancing etc.

14. That's it! Simple!

P.S keep your hands clean! You want to avoid getting makeup stains on those ribbons!

Now you know how its done, browse some beautiful lace up wedding dresses with corset backs here.


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