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What are the Best Months to get Married in the UK?

Are you finally getting your wedding plans back on track? Looking for a new date? We'll help you decide which is the best month to get married in the UK.

Whether your wedding date was chosen due to availability, budget or maybe sentimental. There are pro's and con's to each month of the year. To help you decide which is the best month of the year to get married in the UK, we have broken down each one. Offering you an unbiased look at the 12 months of the calendar year.

Best Months to Get Married in the UK

Reasons to get married in January

Only 1% of couples decide to get married in January, so it's a great month to pick if you want a UK wedding with a difference. An event that will lighten everyone’s January blues! And you’ll certainly have plenty of choice when it comes to dates and venues! January weddings are often cheaper, so you’ll get more for your money. You could even bag a last-minute deal.

The downside? Your guests might be pinching the pennies post-Christmas, so may be less keen to travel for your wedding/be able to afford the festivities. Plus, many people could be on new year health kicks, or doing dry January. Although, at least your bar bill would be cheaper!

wedding in the snow

Reasons to get married in February

Arguably the most romantic month of all, obviously – what could be more perfect than a Valentine’s Day wedding? If you had a Valentine’s proposal, it’s a great way to mark the occasion, and you could go wild with a red heart themed day.

The downside? There’s no denying that February weather is an acquired taste – you’ll need to wrap up warm, and keep a brolly on hand.

Reasons to get married in March

Spring weddings are famously pretty for a reason, as March sees the first sprinkling of daffodils and crocuses. Only 4% of weddings take place in March, so venues could be persuaded into offering a discounted deal – a wedding in the quiet season is an incredibly clever way to save money on your wedding. The weather in March is fresh, but usually sunny.

The downside? March clashes with lent, so many of your guests may have given up some little luxuries, such as cake or alcohol.

Reasons to get married in April

7% of brides choose to get married in April – which is typically the month Easter falls in, so your guests will benefit from the school holidays. April hits the balance of warmer weather without the sweat-inducing heat of high summer.

The downside of April weddings is April showers. While you can take some wonderful wedding photos in the rain, a soggy wedding dress doesn’t fit into anyone’s dream day. Furthermore, the Easter holidays are a double-edged sword, as some families may be planning/planned a holiday away.

Reasons to get married in May

The month of fresh flowers and sunny spells, 13% of UK weddings take place in May, making it one of the most popular months to get married in the UK.

May benefits from with two bank holidays, meaning you’ll need to take less time off work. The only issue is, your guests might also be making the most of them, and have booked a holiday, thus not being able to make it to your big day.

Reasons to have a June wedding

With the longest day's of the year, it’s no surprise June is a popular month to get married – 12% of UK weddings take place in June.

It doesn’t get dark until well into the evening, making June perfect for a marquee reception. The downside? It’ll be pricey, and many venues will be booked up years in advance for June weddings.

Reasons to get married in July

The height of summer, July is very popular with UK brides: a huge 14% of weddings take place this month, making it the second most popular month to get married in.

Beautiful July deserves a dreamy outdoor venue, and with new laws regarding weddings now in place, it could end up being cost-effective too!

The downside to a July wedding is that your guests could end up with multiple invites for the same weekend, so be sure to get in there early with your invitations to avoid a clash.

Reasons to get married in August

August is officially the most popular month to get married in the UK: 18% of couples choose to tie the knot in this sun-filled month.

With school holidays and balmy weather, it's not hard to see why… Most children have the entire month off school, so inviting families is a doddle, ish. And it goes without saying, you can practically bank on perfect weather.

The downside? August is peak season for UK wedding venues, so you’ll be paying the highest price.

Reasons to get married in September

September typically has good weather, and better availability than in the summer months, which is why it’s one of the most popular months for a wedding in the UK. 13% of UK weddings take place in September.

September isn’t in such high demand as the May to August period, so your venue will probably have more flexibility on dates.

The downside? September will forever be associated with the gloomy feeling of going back to school, but your wedding will perk up anyone’s month!

Reasons for an October wedding

Golden crunchy leaves and beautiful clear skies are both seriously dreamy wedding accompaniments – there’s nothing quite like an Autumn wedding!

UK brides certainly agree, with 8% of them choosing to get married in October. All those red and yellow leaves are the ultimate ready-made photographic backdrop. The downside to October weddings? The nights start to draw in after the equinox, making an outdoor soirée tricky.

Reasons for a November wedding

Crisp, cold and atmospheric, November is the perfect month for a winter wedding. It’s a great option for brides on a budget, with 27% of November brides citing the price as their reason for selecting this month.

With frost underfoot and maybe even a few icicles, November can be seriously photogenic. The only problem is, It’s a rather cold and dark month, so you’ll need to spend a lot of your budget on making your venue cosy and warm.

Check out this gallery of wedding lighting ideas to light up your November wedding reception.

Reasons to get married in December

There’s more than one way to have a white Christmas! A festive big day is truly magical, and a real way to make a style statement.

Be sure to give guests a lot of notice, as it’s the busiest party season of all. Working around Christmas weather can be tricky too, and a snowfall can throw transport plans into chaos.

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