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Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring on Your Wedding Day?

It's a fair question, and the answer is not as simple as you might think.

From the moment your partner proposed, you've probably worn your engagement ring continuously. However, as your wedding date draws closer, you might be wondering what to do with the engagement ring during the ceremony. Are you supposed to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day? Or do you swap it for your wedding ring?

engagement ring on finger wear on wedding day

What Happens to Your Engagement Ring During Your Wedding Ceremony?

Well, we don't blame you for wondering what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day? It's a question we've been asked countless times over the years, but also one that many brides don't think to ask until the morning of their wedding! So, to spare you any last-minute embarrassment, we thought we'd provide you with a simple run through of your options!

Can you wear your engagement ring during your ceremony?

There is nothing wrong with wearing your engagement ring during your wedding ceremony, but, it can make things a little awkward. If you're having a ring exchange as part of your ceremony, your partner would traditionally place your wedding band on the ring finger of your left hand. Tradition also states that the wedding band should be placed on the finger before the engagement ring, so the wedding band is closest to your heart. Therefore, if your engagement ring is already on your ring finger, there may well be a little bit of shifting about.

What's the downside of leaving an engagement ring on the left hand during the wedding ceremony?

You can certainly leave your engagement ring on the left hand, and have your partner place the wedding band on top. A quick post-ceremony readjustment can switch the rings to their correct position. But the downside is that it goes against wedding tradition. Plus, your wedding band will never have its moment in the spotlight, as it will be probably overshadowed by your sparkly diamond in the wedding photography.

If tradition, and showing off your sparkly new jewellery are not things that bother you, then feel free to leave it on.

engagement ring during wedding ceremony bride

What to do with your engagement ring if you prefer not to leave it on during your wedding ceremony.

Wear your engagement ring on another finger or hand for the ceremony.

Once the wedding band has been put on your ring finger on your left hand, you can then move your engagement ring over to this finger, too. This is a good option if your wedding ring fits nicely on one of your other fingers. But we don't recommend it if your ring is a little loose… nobody wants to be looking for a lost engagement ring on their wedding day!

Leave your engagement ring with your partner or someone responsible.

Keep it with someone safe, and then just pop it back on in the right place when you're ready.

Leave your engagement ring at home

Some brides choose not to wear their engagement ring on the wedding day. And this is a perfectly acceptable plan, as long as you have somewhere safe to store it, and don't have your heart set on it appearing in photographs.

Wear your engagement ring on a chain around your neck for the ceremony & wedding day

This is a practical option if you can't bear to be separated from your engagement ring for the first part of the day, and you feel it works well with your bridal look.


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