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I’m Engaged! Now What?

Even if you've been mentally prepared for this moment since play school, now you’re actually engaged, and that ring is on your finger, it's fair enough to ask what do I actually do?

To begin with, congratulations! This is a very special time, and a huge moment that should be truly cherished. But within the midst of all the excitement, its totally understandable if you're thinking what do I actually do. You feel like should know exactly what to do! But for many, we actually don’t, and really, we’re simply saying to ourselves ‘I’m engaged, now what’. So what does happens now? What are you 'supposed' to do? What would Beyonce do?

I’m Engaged! Now What?

Today, we’re going to share some answers to your engaged dilemmas. Fun, simple, and not so simple things we would really recommend you do once you slip that ring on your finger. And let’s be clear before we begin, these are not rules, just suggestions. Every couple is different, and if you’re not able to tick off these tasks, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. You’re just doing it your own way.

I’m Engaged, Now What?

Take a Breather, Together

We know we said these are suggestions, and not rules. But this first one is a must. You’ll read on other ‘I’m Engaged, Now What’ posts that the first thing you should do after saying yes, is get a manicure and post on Instagram! But we believe those first few moments post-'I do', should be spent together, soaking it in.

Being excited together, wondering what your future will be like, having a well-earned drink together! Because from here on out, as soon as you tell people your news, it becomes everyone’s celebration. So, just for a moment, enjoy this private exciting moment together.

Tell Your Nearest & Dearest You Are Engaged

Way before you start browsing for ring selfie inspiration, you should let your family & friends know your big news. Because they should know first! Your mum, or your best mate is not going to be too pleased if they hear about your engagement via Facebook!

Call your loved ones up individually - parents, close family members, and those friends who are practically family. Give these guys a call, or even pop round, and share this special time with them, exclusively.

couple gets engaged now what

Share the News with the World

It's manicure time! Because if you’re a social media user, and you want to share the news with your network of friends/family/co-workers etc. Don’t do it with chipped nails!

What we would say however, is that 'I’m engaged' shots on Instagram do look best when they’re as natural as possible. So try to capture the moment together on the same day, while you’re still buzzing. And not too dolled up.

Get Your Ring Re-sized & Insured

If your partner managed to get a ring made that fits you perfectly, they must have some kind of special powers! Because normally an engagement ring needs to be re-sized in order for it to fit correctly. Be sure to pair this little job, with actually getting that shiny statement maker insured. Because all the time you’re walking around with a ring that’s too big for your dainty little digits, you’re risking it falling off, and being lost before you make it to the aisle.

couple on beach engagement

Bring Together Your Loved Ones for a Pre-Engagement Party

There is a lot of planning coming up for you both, and so many decisions will need to be made. So, before you need to start all of that, go a bit wild and celebrate with your very closest friends and family. Nothing fancy, just a few drinks, and some very informal, drunken toasts.

Think About Your Wedding Date

Your wedding date affects everything, and so it needs careful consideration. The best venues, and suppliers get snapped up quickly at popular times, so be mindful of that, and give yourself time.

If you want something in particular on your big day, and you’re not willing to wait a couple of years to get it, you need to act fast. And, unless you’re eloping, you’ll want your loved ones to be at your wedding, so consider their timetable too. Talk to both families, and your close friends, and float the provisional date/s you’re considering. That way, hopefully, you won’t get any disappointment when you start receiving RSVP's.

Gather Some Wedding Inspiration, Not Loads Though.

Whether you’ve stuck a date in the diary, or just said, you'll get married in 2022, it’s good to start thinking about how your big day will look. What colour theme are you both drawn to? What kind of venue would you like?

Talk things through together, and remember that unless your timeline is tight, there’s no need to pin your (literal) colours to the mast just yet. This is the fun bit! So, create those Pinterest boards, discover once-unknown corners of Etsy, and start stealing bridal magazines from the hairdressers!


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