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A Guide to Hiring a Wedding Yurt

Looking for a unique style of wedding venue that'll give you freedom & tons of boho vibes? Step forward the wedding yurt.

Choosing a venue is one of the most daunting parts of planning a wedding, hands down. But if you’re looking for a unique, magical outdoor venue, the wedding yurt could be the perfect choice!

What is a wedding yurt, you may ask? Well, it’s a round, portable, and tent-like structure that’s been used for centuries by nomadic tribes in Central Asia. But nowadays, yurts have become a popular option for weddings, as they provide an intimate and cosy atmosphere. While also being easily customisable to suit many different preferences.

A Guide to Hiring a Wedding Yurt

The Wedding Yurt: Your Guide to Hiring the Perfect Outdoor Venue

If you’re considering hiring a wedding yurt, here’s a handy guide to help you navigate the process:

Browse all the wedding yurt options

There are many types of wedding yurts, each with their own benefits and uses. Therefore, it’s important to research and find the one that suits your needs. Some yurts are made from canvas, while others are made from more durable materials like wood or metal. Some yurts are intimate, while others can accommodate larger groups.

Consider size and location

Before you hire a yurt, it’s essential to decide on the size you require and the actual location of your wedding. Consider how many guests you’ll be inviting and how much space you’ll need for dining, dancing, and any other activities you plan to have take place in the yurt.

What yurt extras are available

Most wedding yurts come with additional extras, things like furniture, lighting, and heating. Items and services that can complete the whole experience, so it’s critical to choose the right ones for your needs.

Adding cosy rugs and comfy cushions are great for creating an inviting atmosphere, while a professional lighting package will help to create just the mood you desire.

Book as early as possible

As with any wedding venue, the earlier you book your yurt the better. Wedding yurts are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s important to select and place the deposit down on yours early to avoid disappointment. Make sure you have the funds available before you start the process, so you move quickly when necessary.

Consider the weather…

Yurts are great at providing an intimate, cool atmosphere, but they’re still an outdoor wedding venue, so it’s critical to consider the weather. Make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme weather conditions, and consider adding additional heating or cooling systems to keep your guests comfortable.

Get creative with your yurt decor

One of the best things about hiring a wedding yurt is having the chance to get creative with your decoration. Yurts provide an amazing blank canvas that can be customized to suit almost any preference, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice of flowers, colours, and decorations in general.

Don’t forget about the practical stuff

Yurts are pretty magical, and so fun to hang out in, but it’s important to remember the practicalities of celebrating in one. Make sure you have enough power outlets for your music and lighting, and consider hiring additional toilets or catering facilities if necessary.


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