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How Many Wedding Dress Fittings Will You Need?

All you need to know about finding the perfect bridal fit

When it comes to bridal, regardless of what style you choose, or how much money you spend, your wedding dress must be flawless. And to achieve perfection, changes always need to be made. Wedding dress alterations are necessary in order to make you feel comfortable, from the moment you walk down the aisle, until the last dance. Nearly every bride will have to have a few minor alterations done to their gown, but many still struggle with this issue. For this reason, we've created a helpful guide to wedding fittings that'll share just how many appointments you should expect. While also giving you a glimpse into the process.

How Many Wedding Dress Fittings Will You Need?

Understanding the Wedding Dress Fitting Timeline

Three to four fittings are normal for a bride in order to get everything absolutely perfect. The majority of elements can be finished two to three months before the wedding. But with this information in hand, many brides still experience some level of scheduling anxiety as the big day draws near.

To help you relax, read on and discover what goes into the wedding dress fitting timeframe.

3–4 months to go: Bespoke Bridal Customisations

For some brides, the dress they select is only somewhat near to what they actually desire. And its only through considerable adjustments that they'll find their ideal gown.

For instance, a bride could choose to add sleeves, alter the neckline, or dye the dress in a completely colour. All of these things are possible when working with a skilled seamstress, but they do take more time. Some of these modifications must be made before any additional alterations can be made, as they'll often impact other components of the gown.

If you know your dress will need significant modifications, consult your seamstress ahead of time to determine how long they'll need to make those changes.

On the flip side, if your gown only requires minor adjustments, you don't need to make your first appointment so early.

wedding dress alterations by bridal seamstress

2–3 months to go: Major Alterations

Most brides will have their first fitting two to three months before the wedding. The seamstress will examine the garment from top to bottom during this fitting to see what needs to be changed.

The majority of brides will have to make adjustments to every contour of her shape, even when a gown is bought in a size that's close to body measurements. Additionally, the bride's measurements are likely to have altered throughout the time it takes for the wedding gown to arrive after placing an order, which might take several months. Given that wedding gown materials have little to no give or stretch, even a slight size alteration can have an influence on how a gown fits.

Don't forget to bring the shoes and underwear you'll be wearing on the wedding day! Getting the dress' hem exactly right depends on the height of your shoes and how you stand while wearing them. Additionally, the amount of padding and structure (or lack thereof!) will alter how the dress hangs.

1 month to go: Minor Adjustments

It's time to make the last adjustments after the main work is finished. During this time, you could choose to adjust your dress' neckline, or add a quarter-inch to the length of your sleeves. Once the larger details are taken care of, it will be easier to make these other alterations, and your gown should now resemble your perfect dress.

With one month to go, you still have plenty of time to get the details perfect, so don’t be afraid to discuss any reservations you may have with your seamstress.

2 weeks to go: Final Fitting

The final fitting is often more of a quality check to ensure that everything has been completed. Nobody wants the bride to find out on her wedding day that one of the changes isn't working out as intended. However, the final fitting is the bride's only opportunity to make any necessary adjustments if anything still needs to be changed.

Is That Really How Many Wedding Dress Fittings I'll Need?!

While it can seem like a lot of work, keep in mind that you'll be wearing your dress all day. A well-fitted dress will not only look better on the day, but it'll also be more comfortable. The last thing you want is for your dress to be anything less than flawless when you walk down the aisle. As a result, allow yourself plenty of time to complete your adjustments, so you won't doubt yourself on your special day.


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