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How To Look Good In Your Wedding Pictures

Whether you are getting married on the beach or at home, you'll have put a lot of time and energy into looking fabulous for your big day, so let’s make sure that translates into your wedding photos!

how to look good in your wedding photos

Find the right photographer

Don't just go with the first photographer you find on Google, or the cheapest. Instead, do your research, browse Instagram and local real weddings for ideas and recommendations. Once you've done your research, it'll be much easier to find the right wedding photographer for your style and budget. Getting the perfect photographer will almost make it impossible to have a bad wedding photo!


It’s the one thing you’re underdressed without. Nothing will make you look more gorgeous than a genuine smile, but that’s easier said than done if your nervous about being photographed, or being told to smile! If you're having trouble, our top tip is to giggle. A fake laugh works every-time, bringing out a natural smile that doesn't look forced.

how to look good in your wedding photos

Strike a Pose

This is how a wedding photographer suggests you can get relaxed and natural during posed shots, ‘The most beautiful thing in the world to capture is love,’ says photographer Elizabeth Messina. ‘The best photos look natural, so don’t over think things.’ So basically, be yourself and act naturally. Don't try and create some Shakespearean romance, instead, try and pretend the camera isn't there at all!

A Touch-up

Tears, hugs, dancing... your hair and make-up won’t stay in place all night. So below is your survival kit for not just making it through the day but also for making sure you look fantastic in the wedding photos! (PS. Ask your maid of honour to carry it, and instruct your photographer to tell you when you need a quick fix!)

- Lipstick

- Blotting Paper

- Eye Shadow

- Waterproof Mascara

- A toothbrush & hairspray (Spritz the toothbrush with hairspray then use it to tame flyaway hairs!)

- Hair pins

Find your Light

The single most important element when having your photograph taken is lighting, look to where the light it coming from and you can't go wrong! But not too closely! You'll end up all squinty! If you're photographing outside during the day, try and get the sun behind you, it will create a gorgeous glow. The best time to get shots is just after sunset, it creates such a pretty light.

how to look good in your wedding photos

Navigate Social Media

Chances are someone will have tweeted a ceremony pic before your first kiss. But what if you don’t want those red eyed bride shots out there? Consult our top do's and don'ts on how to social media wedding etiquette here.

Take a breath and relax

If you feel stressed, you’ll look stressed. Taking some shots before the vows or limiting the amount of time taken for group shots overall will really help towards keeping you calm...!

That's it! Simple right! Now go forth, be married and follow our rules on 'How to look Good in your Wedding Pictures!


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