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How to Save Money on Your Wedding Stationery

Take note of these handy tips on how to cut costs when it comes to your wedding invitations

Planning a wedding at the best of times, can mean watching your budget. But right now, we all need to be careful of the pennies. Wedding stationery can be one of the hidden costs that couples tend to forget about when drawing up their budget, but if it's not considered, it can be a nasty surprise! However, there are ways you can cut costs on your wedding invitations, without them looking like a school art project!

Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations

Learn Calligraphy

You may have a little more time on your hands right now, so why not master a skill. There are many calligraphy workshops and courses online that will teach you the basics, which with practice can then be used to write out your place cards or the names on your invitations. If you're a DIY bride who loves to add a personal touch, while also saving money, this is the perfect option for you.

Go for Printable Wedding Stationery

Opting for printable wedding stationery can be a very cost-effective way to produce really stylish wedding invitations etc. You'll be able to pick from a variety of different designs, and then arrange for it to be printed yourself, allowing you to choose the best deal. Meaning you can spend as much or as little as you want on print and paper.

Personalise the Invitations Yourself

It does look really fancy to have your wedding stationery printed with individual names on, along with personalised information, but this process can really push up the costs. Go for stationery that allows you to write the details on yourself, and this will reduce your overall spend.

Opt for Simple over Fancy

Its really tempting to choose the heaviest card and the most luxurious foil trimming for your invitations, but by choosing a simpler, lighter design you'll be saving yourself a packet. If you don't want to send out plain white envelopes, get crafty and DIY some designs.

Take Your RSVP Online

Adding an RSVP card to your wedding invitation postage package will of course increase your cost. Forgo tradition and take it online, by either adding an email address to your invite or setting up your own wedding website.

Hand Deliver Where Possible

Take a look at your list of addresses and think practically, can you deliver a large majority of these by hand? If you can, this will save a fortune on stamps!

Proof Read Everything

Nothing is more costly and annoying, than making a spelling mistake on your wedding stationery, and needing to re-print them... Avoid this by checking them, checking them and re-checking them over yourself, and by your partner. Sounds obvious, but it's a common and expensive mistake.


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