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Wedding Budget Hacks That'll Save You a Small Fortune

Take note of these wedding planning tips and you'll have a little more budget for your honeymoon!

Planning a wedding sometimes feels like you're both a stylist, and an accountant. And that suddenly you're expected to plan a budget for a huge event, when planning the budget for a weekly shop can sometimes feel like a major challenge. It's not easy by any stretch.

You're not along however, and there are so many ways you better manage your wedding budget nowadays. Such as online wedding budget tools which will allow you to clearly allocate your funds, and help you stay on top of what you have to spend. Because making a wedding budget doesn't have to be difficult, and actually, once you've got your head around things, it can be quite fun! However, that's not the case for everyone, and many couples find it difficult to know where to spend and what to skip!

With that in mind, we thought we'd share these wedding budget hacks that will hopefully help those in need, and those just needing a few tips.

Inspiring Wedding Budget Hacks for the Real Bride

DIY or use Etsy for decorations. And for the big things, compare the prices from different companies.

If you're able to do a little wedding DIY, it can help you save so much money! However, if you’re not particularly confident in making things with your own hands, then don’t pressure yourself into doing so. The stress can often make the last unbearable, and you'll create something in the end that you probably don't like. Instead, carefully compare prices and examine what you get for the amount you’re spending. This can help you save and sometimes get more than you budgeted for.

Don’t do things you don’t want to do, just because they’re tradition.

There are so many wedding traditions that probably should, or could be skipped if you want to. And by doing so, you might actually save some of your wedding budget. You don’t need to pay for favours for everyone, and you don’t need to toss your bouquet, especially if you’ve spent loads on it! And you don't need to wear a garter just because.

Create a wedding website instead of sending invitations.

Creating a wedding website is such a quick way to save money, and so easy to do these days! It also saves you time and energy too, as your guests don’t need to bother you with endless questions, instead they can just head to your website and get all the info there, 24/7.

Get married in December as its one of the cheapest times of the year.

Wedding season is typically during the warmer months. So if you decide to marry outside of peak wedding season, you might be able to benefit from some hefty savings! Winter months are often cheaper as suppliers are less busy, and non-typical wedding days like Sunday or Thursday can also be more affordable.

Make a list of priority spends, and then get cheaper alternatives for the rest

Prioritising spending is essential if you want to plan a successful wedding budget. Make a shortlist of the things you absolutely have to have at your wedding, figure out the costs of them, and then decide what you can skip, or cut back on to make them happen.

Make your own confetti

If you’re feeling creative, you could have a go at making your own eco-friendly dried petal confetti. Its so much better for the environment, and your wedding budget! Here's a video that will guide you through how to do it.

Hire a venue stylist and you won't need to make any DIY props or buy any additional decor

This may seem like an extra cost upfront, but if you’re short on time or don’t know where to start when it comes to styling your wedding, it could actually end up saving you money in the long run. Hiring a venue stylist is a one-off cost and you’ll get a professional’s input and access to all of their items, which saves you from buying or hiring your own. Plus, they'll normally clear them up for you afterwards!

Avoid what is expected

One of the most effective ways to make savings on your wedding budget, is to choose only things you want. Make your day truly about yourself, and cut out any bits that don’t feel right for you, even if you feel like they might be expected. The truth is, your wedding day is a celebration of you as a couple, so only invest in the parts that feel right for you as a couple. It’ll make starting married life together so much sweeter! And cheaper!


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