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9 Wedding Planning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Don't make any of these classic wedding planning mistakes with our handy list!

When it comes to wedding planning, no one really knows what they're doing.

Don't be surprised if the whole thing begins to overwhelm you. It's a big job, with jargon you've never heard of before, and countless people expecting to have the time of their lives. Pressure? Just a little.

But another truth is that it can be enjoyable, and the entire planning process can be (relatively) smooth. What you must do is ensure that you are aware of all potential pitfalls and avoid them. So, it's pretty handy that we've listed these 9 common wedding mistakes and how to avoid them, right?

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Making Your Engagement Public Right Away

Put down the phone! Allow yourself time to enjoy your engagement before sharing a picture of the proposal. Spend a few hours (or as long as you can) basking in your joy together before informing close family and friends. They could be seriously hurt if they discover the news on Facebook at the same time as everyone else.

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes bride and groom

You Think that DIY Will Be Less Expensive.

When you consider the cost of craft supplies and your time, it's sometimes better to leave it to the professionals. Plus, you'll save yourself some sleepless nights if your DIY invitations don't look exactly like the Pinterest tutorial.

Ordering Wedding Dress Late

Begin looking for a wedding gown at least nine months before the big day. You'll need to go shopping, find 'The One,' order it and have it altered – all of which will take longer than you'd imagine.

You Make Everything Last That Bit Too Long.

You don't want the day to end, we get it, but your guests don't feel the same way. The time passing between your ceremony and reception can be tedious; an hour and a half of speeches is difficult for anyone to sit through; and being expected to dance until 2 a.m. in heels is a nightmare.

You Don't Have a Plan for Wet Weather

It's the UK guys! You're just tempting fate if you don't have a backup plan in case it rains.

If you're getting married in a venue's garden, check with the coordinator to see if there's another room that they could quickly dress and put chairs in if the weather changes.

If you're planning a completely outdoor wedding, it's best to place a deposit with a marquee company about six months in advance and wait to see what the weather looks like closer to the big day. You may lose your deposit, but the peace of mind you will gain will be priceless. A muddy aisle and wet guests are not the look.

You Let Pinterest Take Over Your Mind

Stop looking at wedding ideas on Pinterest once you've decided on a theme or ordered your flowers from the florist. You'll start second-guessing all of your decisions, which is silly because you'll love what you chose when you see it on the big day. When something is booked, cross it off your list and take a break from scrolling.

You Ignore the Invisible Costs

Your suppliers need to be fed and watered. Posting out your invites may be more expensive than expected. Extra security, cloakroom staff, or cleaning fees may be charged by the venue.

Hidden costs can appear anywhere, so set aside 10% of your total budget for these unexpected expenses and don't touch it unless absolutely necessary. To avoid these issues in the first place, ensure that all contracts with your suppliers are in writing.

Attempting to Please Everyone

Everyone has an opinion – and they will tell you! You will never be able to please everyone, so focus solely on ensuring that you and your partner have the best day possible. 

The trick is to be kind but fair: say you appreciate their advice or opinion, but you prefer this and hope they understand because it's your day. A simple 'thank you, but, no thanks' can go a long way.

Not Eating

It's easy for the bride and bridal party to skip a hearty breakfast and a lighter lunch in the middle of getting ready. But by doing this,  you risk passing out while standing at the altar. 

Similarly, grooms may want a beer or two to calm their nerves, but make sure you've lined your stomach as well, or you may find that starting early hits you when it comes time for speeches.

If you're greeting guests, you'll likely miss the canapés and may not get to eat your entire meal, so ask the caterer to set aside a few nibbles and have something waiting in your honeymoon suite for the evening.


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