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The Only Way MultiWay Bridesmaid Now at Brides & Bustles!

We have answered your bridesmaids prayers!

The Only Way Multiway bridesmaid has arrived in-store! We always get excited about new deliveries and these new beauties have got us elated because we know just how much our brides are going to love them.

If you haven't heard of The Only Way Multiway bridesmaid we'll give you a brief in lesson in why we know your girls are going to be so happy in them. Founded in 2016, Only Way began with one dress - one amazing multiway dress. Designed and made in the UK this bridesmaids dress was created to solve the many problems brides have when choosing dresses for their girls.

Being a multiway bridesmaids dress it can be styled in many different ways to suit each girl or the occasion. It is available in 42 colours! So it is easy to match your 'maids to your wedding theme and all of the colours are so on-trend, we don't know how they keep up! The OnlyWay dress is also affordable and available quickly. So a bridesmaids dress that is....

- Available in 42 colours

- Can be styled in multiple ways

- Affordable

- Quick delivery

- Sizes 6-22

We've found a bridesmaids dress that your girls are actually going to like and you love, right?! So stop reading and book your appointment now! Only kidding, there's more good stuff!

Not content with just having an amazing multiway bridesmaids dress, OnlyWay went and designed another fabulous gown that is so modern and fresh we had to have it too. The Wrap Dress incorporates the brand's signature silk jersey fabric and re-imagines it as a very flattering A-line multi-wrap bridesmaid. It's gorgeous and the type of dress your girls are genuinely going to wear again and again.

So we've found the perfect multiway bridesmaids dress for your girls ✔️ But what about for the little ones? We've got you covered there too because OnlyWay make the cutest little flower girl dresses and junior bridesmaids!! You can get a co-ordinated look across your wedding party with little dresses in a matching fabric and colour to your bridesmaids but in a design that is comfortable and movement friendly. The LittleWay flower girl dress is lined, has no zips or buttons and is appropriate for ages 18 months to 8 years (3 different sizes available). The LittleWay Junior is a scaled down version of the adult multiway and available in one size fitting ages 8-16 years.

There you have it! We have answered your bridesmaids prayers and given you the wedding party of your dreams! What are you waiting for?! Round up your girl gang and get them booked in at Brides and Bustles!


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