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Let's Get This Party Started: How to Plan the Best Hen Party Ever!

Hello, party animals! Are you ready to let your wild side out and create the finest hen party ever for your bestie?

A hen party is more than simply a 'last fling before the ring'; it's an opportunity to make unique memories, laugh until your cheeks ache, and bond with your favourite females. So let's raise a glass to the fantastic world of hen party planning!

bride and maid of honour dancing at hen party plan

It's an honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but once you're done celebrating the bride-to-be's engagement with her, there's a hen party to plan! If you've never organised a large event like this before, it can feel like an overwhelming undertaking, with so many factors to consider. What style of hen party do you go for? What's the destination? Budget? Guest list?!

The secret to success is to plan ahead of time and to avoid taking on the load of hen party planning on your own. Get together with the other bridesmaids and make the most of their various skill sets, and before you know it, you'll be pouring bubbly for a group of gals and dancing the night away at the finest hen party EVER!

A Guide to Hen Party Planning

To help you out, we've put together a step-by-step guide to hen do planning that'll help guarantee your best friend's night/weekend goes off without a hitch!

Involve the Bride

The first tip for preparing a hen party is to keep the bride-to-be informed. It is, after all, her special day! Have an open dialogue with the bride about her expectations, preferences, and any hard limitations. Remember, this is her opportunity to let loose and have a good time, so make sure the activities and themes are appropriate for her.

Gather the Troops

Once you've determined what the bride desires, it's time to assemble the squad! Contact the bride's closest friends and family members to verify that everyone can attend. Creating a WhatsApp or Facebook group is a great way to keep everyone updated and help the enthusiasm flow!

bride drinking champagne on hen party

Choose a Theme

Now comes the exciting part, deciding on a theme! Make sure the bride's hobbies and style are reflected in the event, whether it's a glitzy night out, virtual event, a peaceful spa weekend, or a humorous costume party. Keep in mind that the theme sets the tone for the entire event, so be creative and let your imagination run wild!

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the ideal venue may make or break the hen party experience. Consider the bride's tastes, the bride's budget, and the accessibility of all participants. Whether you choose a cosy lodge in the woods, a vibrant city escape, or a beachside paradise, make sure the location has all the required amenities and a party-friendly mood.

Plan Some Memorable Activities

No hen party is complete without some fantastic activities! Consider combining events to create a broad itinerary. From cocktail courses and pole dancing lessons to treasure hunts and spa treatments, customise the activities to the bride's preferences and make sure there's something for everyone.

pouring rose wine into glass during hen party plan

Surprises Galore

What's a hen party without a few surprises? Organise a surprise visit, engage a professional photographer to record all the funny/embarrassing moments, or prepare an emotional surprise speech for the bride-to-be. These unexpected components will take the celebration to the next level and leave everyone with wonderful memories.

Hen Party Essentials

Don't overlook the details! Decorations, party favours, matching dresses, personalised sashes, and a playlist of the bride's favourite songs are all essential for creating a memorable atmosphere. Keep the beverages flowing and the munchies ample!

Capture the Moment

Memories fade, but images last forever! Assign a photographer or set up a fun photo booth area so everyone can take pictures throughout the event. These images will be treasured long after the celebration is over, acting as a reminder of how much fun you all had together.

Relax and Have Fun

Finally, relax and enjoy the party! Remember that the main purpose is to have a great time and celebrate the bride's approaching wedding. Accept the laughing, foolishness, and shared moments of delight. Make the hen party an occasion to remember by dancing like no one is looking and laughing until your sides hurt.


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