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Tips For Choosing A Mother Of The Bride Hat Or Fascinator

Before Mum runs off to buy her hat, show her this!

mother of the bride hat tips

It’s tradition for the mother of the bride to wear a suitable hat or fascinator on the big day of her daughter's wedding. But finding that perfect headpiece can seem overwhelming.

When it comes to a mother of the bride hat or fascinator, there are endless options in terms of styles, colours, and materials. So how do you go about finding the right one for your mother of the bride outfit? Luckily, we’re sharing our top tips for mum!

Opt for a statement dress or hat, but not both

When planning your outfit, there is no right or wrong place to start. However, if you want a statement or patterned look, it may be best to get the dress first, so your hat completes, rather clashes with the ensemble. Just make sure you leave enough time to find the right one, as a unique colour or strong print can limit your options for off the shelf headwear.

Alternatively, accessories can make an outfit, so pairing the simplest dress with a statement hat and the right shoes and bag can be more impactful. Too much going on can often be distracting…

bride and mum on wedding day with fascinator

Avoid over-matching

Colour matching the same tone for your hat, dress, dress coat, bag, and shoes can be a bit much. And can take an otherwise interesting outfit, and make it rather bland and boring. It is fun to consider an accent colour, or if you are not that brave, different shades of the same colour will add depth.

Be true to your style

People tend to go for what they think is appropriate, or opt for something similar to styles they've seen on someone else. This isn't usually the best course of action.

Hats and fascinators are very personal. What is great on one person will not be so great on another, and individual personalities should also be considered. You really don't want to feel uncomfortable on the big day in a massive hat that just isn't you.

mother of the bride in pink hat or fascinator on wedding day

Choose a style that makes you stand tall

There are many shapes and styles to suit all face shapes, statures, and personality. We are not big believers in 'the rules' like hats shouldn't be wider than your shoulders, or you should choose a round hat if you have a round face.

The right hat will make you stand tall, pull your shoulders back and gift you a special feeling. You shouldn't wear a hat that doesn't make you feel incredible! A mother of the bride should feel a million dollars and exude confidence on her big day.

Enjoy the experience of shopping with a milliner

Selecting your hat should be an exciting experience, not a daunting one. Milliners can guide and advise you about hats, ease you in gently and give you the confidence to feel fantastic in them. Funnily enough, most mum's we speak to at Brides & Bustles who say that they don't suit hats, always go off and buy a hat. The most wonderful thing for a milliner is seeing the journey of a nervous hat wearer gain confidence and leave bursting with excitement and confidence to wear their hat.

There are our top tips for choosing a mother of the bride hat or fascinator, and we hope we have settled your mum's nerves when choosing the piece for the big day!

Lots of love

Claire & Christine xx


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