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How to Prevent Getting Sick Before Your Wedding

Healthy lifestyle tweaks that'll help fight off colds and flu in the lead up to your wedding day.

It feels like everyone is sick right now. If you haven't got it, someone you know has, and it seems pretty inescapable! Which can be a daunting prospect if your wedding is on the horizon. But don't panic, we've got some hacks that should help you fight those pesky bugs.

Prevent Getting Sick Before Your Wedding

Photo by Cameron Stow

Couples often live in constant fear of getting sick in the run-up to their wedding. And with the heightened stress and emotion involved, it can happen all too easily. Especially if you forget to take the time to relax, stay healthy and generally look after yourself.

How to Prevent Getting Sick Before Your Wedding

If you are looking to prevent a cold or just want to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle, have a look at some of the ways you can prevent getting sick in the run-up to your wedding.

Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Wedding planning can sometimes feel like taking on a full-time job! Which often leads to couples reaching for more unhealthy food options when they need to refuel.

It's important to keep your body happy and healthy in the lead up to your wedding if you want to prevent getting sick, and provide yourself with long-lasting energy. A simple way to do that, is to up your fruit and vegetable intake. Even if that just means adding a small glass of fresh fruit juice to your day, or sprinkling some berries on your morning cereal. Any little change like that can help. And if you like to snack, try chewing on carrot sticks, or bring some cucumber or celery and hummus to snack on at your desk.

Drink More Water

We all know we need to drink more water, and it's easy to forget how important it is for pretty much every aspect of your body.

If you struggle to drink enough water, then consider filling up a jug or trendy bottle, and keep it on your desk. Aim to finish it before you leave work. If you are always on the move, then keep a bottle of water handy so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

drink water help wedding diet

Include Probiotics in Your Daily Diet

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your overall health and can be great for keeping a happy, healthy lifestyle. If you are seeking a natural source of probiotics, then introduce yoghurt into your diet, but opt for natural, low sugar options. Rather than the highly sweetened variety. Muller Corners don't count!

Have Breakfast

Not only will having a healthy breakfast get you energised for the day, but it'll also help you avoid any reckless snacking mid-morning. Because when sugar levels crash, it's all too easy to reach for the sweet stuff. Keep those hunger pangs at bay by making sure you have a good breakfast. It's not called the most important meal of the day for nothing!

Get into a Good Handwashing Routine

Regular handwashing can help keep germs at bay – particularly if you have friends or colleagues around you who are sick! When washing your hands, make sure you use soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Remember all of those ads during Covid about singing happy birthday while you wash, yeah, that still applies!

Start a Wedding Workout

If you don’t already have a regular exercise routine, then now is the time to introduce one. Daily walking, running, swimming, or cycling can not only give your immune system a helping hand. But you'll also see an overall improvement in your health, both mentally and physically.

If you're not used to high-impact exercise, then start off slowly by going for walks on your lunch break. Or maybe get off the bus/train earlier than you need to, and walk a little longer home. Don't over do it and don't stress about exercise. It's important to remember this is not a pre-wedding workout, it's a daily routine you should be keeping up long after your nuptials.

Prevent Getting Sick Before Your Wedding exercise bride

Cut Down on the Booze

Hen parties, stag dos and general pre-wedding celebrations can cause your alcohol intake to spike. Which, if not prolonged, is not an issue. But if you are drinking regularly, you will quickly discover the effect it'll have on your body.

Alcohol is packed full of empty calories and sugar, which are a drain on your immune system and can certainly lead to weight gain. Try to see alcohol as a naughty treat. Something to be enjoyed in moderation, rather than every night.

Swap Your Coffee for Tea

Consider swapping your morning latte for a green or mint tea. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants and can protect your skin against harmful free radicals (yucky stuff that ages your skin!)


It seems like you can’t go on Instagram without seeing an avocado smiling back at you! Whether it’s smashed on toast, whipped up into a smoothie or chopped up into a salad. This very popular fruit (yes, fruit!) is packed full of healthy fats and vitamins and can be a great addition to perk up a sad lunchtime salad.

avocado on toast healthy breakfast


These little low calories berries are packed with antioxidants, and they are so easy to incorporate into your diet. Add to your morning cereal, porridge or keep a little pot handy on your desk to snack on during the day.


Eggs are a great source of protein and can be a fantastic addition to your diet. Cook them in coconut oil to start your day, add some to chopped tomatoes and steamed spinach for lunch, and place a couple on rice in the evening. They go with anything and are incredibly good for you.

Sweet Potatoes

Swap white potatoes for sweet potatoes for an added boost of beta-carotene. They also contain lots of magnesium, which is essential for nerve function. Swap your usual mashed potato for sweet potato mash, or make some delicious sweet potato wedges.


Add a sprinkling of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds to your breakfast cereal for a boost in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. But don’t forget that nuts are also calorific, so they should be enjoyed in moderation if you're trying to lose weight.

Prevent Getting Sick Before Your Wedding nuts

Oily Fish

Oily fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel offer a great source of protein, vitamin D and provide long chain Omega-3s.


Adding soup to your daily diet can be a great way to increase your vegetable intake, and the high water content in soup will mean you're left feeling fuller for longer.

If you want to swap your lunchtime sandwich for a bowl of nutritious soup then consider making your own soup, as many shop bought varieties have high levels of salt and sugar. Plus home-made soup is considerably cheaper and more satisfying too!


Spinach has high levels of chlorophyll which is great for your health. It is low in calories and straightforward to introduce to your diet. Add a handful to your favourite smoothie, swap your usual lettuce leaves for the dark green stuff, or add a steamed portion to your dinner a few times a week.

Top tip, buy frozen spinach, and you'll find you get a lot more for your money, plus its so easy to pop into your soups, stews and everyday smoothies.

Coconut Oil

Swap processed cooking oils for raw, organic coconut oil. A great, healthy fat to add to your diet, and a wonderful lip balm or a body oil! If you are adding coconut oil to your diet, just remember to consume in moderation, as it’s high in calories.

If you are looking for other ways to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, then have a look at our ideas for fun workouts.


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