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The Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have

These are the big day moments you'll want in your photo album.

Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have

Capturing perfect photos is one of the most important parts of a successful wedding day. Those photos are the memories you'll cherish forever, and when done right, can bring back all those big day feelings whenever you wish. That's why you want to make sure your wedding photographer nails every photo opportunity. From the getting ready photos, all the way through to your elaborate sparkler and fireworks exit!

Key to getting a cohesive, and comprehensive wedding photo album, is hitting all the marks. Capturing all the big day moments you'll expect to look back on years from now. Of course, you don't have to get all of these images in order to create the perfect photo album, but it's good to think about them when planning things with your photographer.

Once you make a mental checklist of your own, make sure to chat about these photo op moments with your photographer, or better yet, send them a link to this article! But once you've done that, leave it to your photographer. Trust in them to capture all the fun, and be present in your big day.

first look wedding photo moment

The Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have

The First Look

Traditional couples may want to save this moment for the aisle. But if you're not superstitious, then the 'first look' is a must-have photo. Set up a moment just for the two of you, and have your photographer document the first time you see each other the morning of your wedding. It's guaranteed to bring out tears and smiles and create a moment you both won't forget.

The Action Shot

If you’ve spent weeks agonising over your wedding transport, then this one is for you. Posing next to a vintage Rolls-Royce on the driveway may tick the ‘check-out-our-flash-wheels’ box, but ask your photographer to snap you speeding away from the venue for something a little more exhilarating.

Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have wedding car action shot

The Romantic Shot

These pictures work best as a spontaneous moment, not posed. And any wedding photographer worth their salt should be looking out for them. Don’t forget to ask for some black-and-white options, if you fancy adding a timeless touch to your photo album.

The Emotional Shot

Emotions often hit hard during the ceremony, or the speeches, so make sure your wedding photographer is ready to capture those candid emotional moments that'll make everyone go 'awwww!'

bride and groom crying holding hands

The Private Moment Shot

Your portraits will most likely be your only chance during the day to have a quiet moment together, away from your wedding party. Make the most of this by taking a stroll together and hiring a photographer who is happy to stand well back and respect your privacy while grabbing some pictures at the same time.

The Arty Shot

Instagram has been buzzing with smoke-bomb shots for a while now. Admittedly, this fairytale effect used to be a bit hit-and-miss – think bride and groom completely obscured in a cloud of spluttering smoke – but some more adventurous photographers are now perfecting this art. If you do want to add a pop of pink or a splash of yellow smoke to your day, warn your photographer in advance, as this type of shot takes some preparation.

bride and groom surrounded by pink smoke

The Unexpected Shot

Don’t panic if the heavens open on your big day. Yes, your fancy heels may get soggy, but a bit of rain can do wonders for pushing your photographer to think outside the box. Raindrops on the window can create a beautiful soft-filter effect, for example.

The Wedding Venue Shot

You’ve booked your dream wedding venue, so why not give it a starring role in at least a few of your pictures? This shot requires a seriously wide-angle lens to get in every detail!

Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have

The Getting Ready Moments

After all that bridal searching, you're going to want to document the big dress reveal. Snap a quick photo of your mum or Maid of Honour zipping you in too, along with pictures of you excitedly popping the champagne.

The Joyful Shot

You've walked down the aisle, said your 'I dos,' toasted the speeches, and now it's time to party! Whether on the dance floor or frolicking around the reception, ask your photographer to keep an eye out for those Instagram-able moments that are full of joy.

Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Have sparklers exit

There are many more wedding photos every couple should have, but we'd be listing for days if shared them all! First dance, wedding cake, the cake, the confetti… the list goes on. But don't worry, your wedding photographer will know what he is doing and if you want to add some extra shots to your list for them, check out Brides US. They have a long list of fab shots you should take on the big day. The link is here.

Lots of love,

Claire & Christine xx


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